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"Hey Landon have you seen Kayden?" Alaric asked Landon who was staring at his extremely red hand that was in extreme pain. Landon snapped up and looked at Alaric clearing his throat.

"Uhm, uh, no." Landon said to him as he gripped his wrist and hid his palm. "No I haven't seen her since this morning." He said to Alaric.

"What happened to your hand?" Alaric asked pointing toward the hand Landon covered. Landons eyes widened before he hid his hands behind his back then shook his head.

"Nothing. Not a thing." Landon lied and Alaric nodded looking at him suspiciously. "Well uhm if you excuse me sir. I should probably go back to the room staying out of the way." He said.

"Actually no. I think I have some use of you today." Alaric said to him.


Kayden sighed frowning "well that felt good right? Letting out that pent up anger?"

"Will you shut up?" Kayden frowned "I'm trying to cool down. And its hard when a voice in your head is constantly talking."

"You sound like a crazy fucker." Kayden rolled her eyes. "And why calm down when we can work on taming that fire in you?"

"Because I can lose control easily and burn people alive. You remember what happened two years ago. I almost wanted to just kill people." She mumbled frowning as she messed with her hands

"Yes, and yet now you no longer have those thoughts. Freezer method works. But there will always be a time where you can't go to a freezer. What will you do then? You'll get back in that state of mind. Unless you control your powers instead of fear it." He said to her.

"How? Literally how can I? I burned my brother two years ago. Now Landon. I can get so out of control." She whispered frowning.

"And the only way to tame that fire is practicing it instead of pretending it doesn't exist and hiding it. You've used it what? Once? Twice? After you came back and one was to defeat a gargoyle. Kayden. You have capabilities. You have the power to control it." The freezer door opened and Kayden looked up at Alaric. He was blurry and red but she knew it was him.

"What?" She whispered frowning.

"Everyone said they saw you come in here." He asked and she sighed frowning. "Setting things on fire on the way here.

"Well. If I didn't, I would've burned the entire school down." She whispered tearing up.

"Come with me to my office." Alaric said to her and she shook her head.

"If I do I'll burn it. Leave me here to cool down." She whispered.

"Go with him." She sighed frowning

"Then I'll Stay here." He said and Kayden smiled softly. "Either way we need to talk about this morning. And whats with the red eyes?"

"When I'm angry, I can't control it." She whispered.

"Can't control what?" He asked her.

"My..." She frowned sighing. She was scared to tell him the truth.

"Trust him." You were so against him and made me break into his office. She thought. "I know him. Trust him."

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