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"Yeah mom, we're fine," Reece repeated for the fourth time. I stifled a fit of laughter, trying not to eavesdrop on the conversation. But I was failing miserably.

"Mom don't worry about us. You just worry about yourself. Yes, I told you, it's just for a few days. We'll be back soon—yeah, okay. I love you too mom." He sighed.

"Is everything okay?" I chuckled.

He rolled his eyes, slipping his phone into his pocket. "She's going to lose her mind worrying about us."

"At least she's worried," I said.

"She should use all that worry on her relationship." His response shut me up. I didn't bother retorting because I knew how Reece felt about his mom's relationship with his stepfather. By the way he emphasized relationship, I could tell things hadn't cleared up over the years.

"Aunt Daisy, we're about to leave!" he turned his head to the kitchen, calling out to her.

"Awe, are you sure you and Hope can't stay for breakfast?" Aunt Daisy trudged into the living room with a fork in hand.

"No, it's okay. We'll pick something up while we're on the road," he said. I admired the little boy clinging onto her hip. Yesterday, he had been asleep, so I never got the chance to properly look at him. Today, he's been out and about all morning. She wasn't kidding when she said him learning to walk has been a hassle. The kid moves like Looney Tunes Road Runner. I'm surprised he hasn't hurt himself yet.

"Okay. Well, call me if you need anything or if you two find yourself in any danger. I want you two to keep each other as safe as possible. And do visit again Hope, my boys love you." I don't know if my mind was just playing tricks on me, but her wink had a strange appearance of mischief.

"Understood." Reece and I nodded at once.

"Bye, Hope! Bye, Reece!" Nathan yelled from above.

"Miles! Get your brother out of the window!" Aunt Daisy scoffed. We all glanced up at the two boys leaning over the windowsill. Miles gripped onto Nathan's waist, trying to pry him from the window. But Nathan's hold only grew tighter.

"I've got to go. Remember what I said you two!" She narrowed her eyes, before storming towards the stairs. Once Reece and I were completely alone, he made his way past me, and stopped in front of my feet.

He asked, "Are you ready?"

"Yes," I nodded.

"Alright, let's get a move on," he said.

Side by side, we walked to his car. When we were settled in, he placed his hands on the steering wheel, and twisted his body in the seat, looking me in the eye. Before he could open his mouth, I beat him to it, asking the question that's been on my mind all night.

"Where to next?"

"We're going to drive down road 9W." He began typing something in his phone, more than likely using his GPS function again. That's what I was hoping he'd say.

"We can stop at a few gas stations along the way—grab some food—ask if any other workers there have seen her. Let's hope we find something today, because we don't have much time left and she could be anywhere." He placed his phone in the phone holder.

His reminder was needed, but I still wished he wouldn't have said that. My mind was already in a dead state all night. I didn't another reason to lose motivation. It was like freshman year all over again.

Three years ago. . .

On my windowsill, was a note from none other than Reece. The same phrase I was used to—Wait for me in the backyard—had been scattered neatly across the paper. Looking outside my window, I couldn't find the perpetrator anywhere. He must've been roaming out of his house already.

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