Part 13 : Sheldon

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Kate woke up from her bed again and stretched her arms and legs before exiting her bedroom to go to the living room in her surprise to find Cray already cooking breakfast.

"Oh hi Cray" said Kate as Cray tried frying eggs and sausages on two separate pans on the stove.

"Oh hey Kate" Cray said joyfully and a bit startled "I didn't see you there".

"You're cooking breakfast?" Kate pointed to the food, surprised that Cray was making it.

"Well since you've taught me the ways of an Inkling/Octoling and bought me clothes and pretty much every other thing" said Cray "I thought I could at least cook breakfast for once".

"Okay then. I'll sit at the table" said Kate.

Kate then proceeded to walk to the kitchen table and sit on a chair next to it...

A moment later...

"Breakfast is ready" Cray Shouted, very impressed with his own cooking.

"That was quick" Kate replied.

Cray then put the breakfast on two plates and put them on the table, quickly sitting down straight after to eat.

Kate oddly stared at the food as it looked quite over cooked, the eggs were slightly black around the edges and the sausages were incinerated...

Kate didn't want to eat it, but she didn't want to upset Cray either. So she decided to cut a bit of sausage and put it in her mouth, chewing slowly while trying to avoid it touching her tongue.

It tasted a bit like ash and it made a crunch sound... at least they were somewhat edible...

"Do you like it?" Cray asked.

Kate struggled to swallow but at least she didn't need to taste it again...

"Yeah, it's fine" Kate replied as she ate another bit of sausage which was a lot more crunchy and incinerated (if that was even possible).

"Are you sure?... it's my first time cooking so I thought it wouldn't be good" said Cray.

Kate tried to gasp in surprise but accidentally gagged on her sausage and spat it out at Cray's face...

"Wait... this is your first time?" Asked Kate.

"Yup..." Cray responded as the spitted sausage fell off of his face "usually my parents cooked breakfast well. before they were dead".

"Parents?" Asked Kate.

"Yeah you know, male plus female makes a baby version of them both" said Cray "don't you Inklings reproduce the same way?".

"I don't know" said Kate "all of this stuff was just natural instinct. I've never seen my parents".

"Hang on I'll search it" said Cray as he picked up his phone and started typing.

"How do squids and octopi reproduce?" Said Cray as he typed the words on his phone then searched it.

Cray then read the answer silently to himself and his expression turned rather shocked...

"What's the matter?" Kate asked.

"Let's just say it's better if you don't know what happens next" Cray replied.

"Awww" Kate awed in disappointment...

"So umm... should we do some training with the others?" Cray suggested.

"Sure" Kate replied "come with me. I need to show you one more thing in Inkopolis square".

"And what's that?" Cray asked worryingly...

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