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376,184 likes || 9,826 comments

claireshepherd- sebastian brought me bean water 😌

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username- she is me in the mornings

anthonymackie- where is my bean water??
claireshepherd- up your butt
anthonymackie- rude

imsebastianstan- and i didn't even get a thank you smh
claireshepherd- thank you sebby❤️

robertdowneyjr- oh boy

chrisevans- uh oh

markruffalo- this is not good

asherreid- you poor boy imsebastianstan
imsebastianstan- im so lost
    ↳ chrishemsworth- you are now her coffee boy

anthonymackie- im just as confused as sebastian

username- yet another person to bring her the coffee she is too to get herself
username- or maybe he got it for her out of

username- what kind of mask is she using

scarjo- why did nobody warn him about this?
chrisevans- i totally forgot honestly
    ↳ claireshepherd- i haven't been in a mcu
movie since my onscreen dad died 😢
        ↳ imsebastianstan- i havent been in one
since bucky died

username- lmao she's so gross

tomhiddleston- are you sure he isn't replacing me? i was once the coffee boy
claireshepherd- he's replacing you as coffee
boy bc you're not in this movie

username- i love this cast oof

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