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Pran and i was standing outside

"Im leaving now, im sorry for yesterday" Pran said and he bow

I smile, and noddedj

"Take care" I said and her car arrived

I wave at jung-hae but he ignore me..., he's mad for what i've done, Sowon is not here, she's in my mom house..

Pran drive and they leave...

Its so lonely here in house, Im alone, Hope pran was here, were playing games.., With sowon, jung-hae, jaehyung

But i feel guilty..


"Hey why did you not wave back to jennie" I said while giggling while her eye brows were meeting

"Nothing" He said madly

"Just prooved to her that you so much love sowon, don't be hopeless dude" I said and we laugh a little

"But its too hard" He said and the latter he sigh

"Its okay, don't do the same with me, Beacuse im so overcaring at my career so jennie left me" I said and he nodded

"Jaehyung and Mom went to dad" Jung-hae said and i look at her

"why you not go with jaehyung? i thought you miss dad" I ask confusely and he smile

"Its boring there" He said and i stop

"Why we stop oppa?" He asked and i smile

"You want to hang out?" I said and we laugh then we give a high five

"Lets go!!" He said and he look at me

"Ops in ond condition.." I said and he sigh

"Lets invite jennie, brother i want jennie back again...." I said and he smile

"Okay for my brother" He said and we go back to jennie's house


I push the doorbell, and i saw her maid

"Where's jennie?" I ask the maid and she point, i smile and i went inside, Jung-hae was in the car..

"Jennie" I said and she turn around

She's so beautiful...

"Pran!" She said and she hug me tight

I smile, that smile was full of happiness

"Ayieeee!" The maids said and jennie laugh

"Did you miss me?" I ask and she chuckled

"Maybe.." She said and we giggle

"Do you want to hang out with me and jung-hae?" I ask and i give a puppy eyes

"Don't you have a shoot??" She ask and i smile

"I had a shoot but later, night.." I said proudly and hr chuckled

"Okay i'll just change ny clothes.." She said and i nodded, then we smile

She started to walk inside of her house and i smile ear to ear


"Lets go?" She said and she's so~ beautiful, i keep dazed and i felt that she's giggling

"Can we go now?" she said and laugh

"Im sorry, Your so beutiful" I said and she blush

I hurriedly went closer to her and i hold her hand

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