vhope: day off(f)

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warnings:  fluff i guess?


hoseok knew something was wrong, and yet he didn't pay any mind to it, he couldn't, wouldn't.

he had been clashing with his work between sleep and rest, let alone time to be with his little-- though he did go to taehyung's bed when he was asleep just to feel sorry and upset for not spending time with him-- and honestly, it was all wearing him out.

hoseok hadn't had a break in what seemed to be two months, all he managed to do was cook for taehyung when he was little and sometimes managing to sneak a snack in for him, but in all, he was pretty much neglecting the little.

thus, he was now, as usual, standing outside taehyung's room at four in the morning.

hoseok's hand lingered over the knob, sweaty palms holding onto it as he turned the knob silently.

he didn't want to wake the boy.

sighing softly, hoseok entered the room and as per usual, he stared at the sleeping boy in utter silence.

taking a seat on the chair beside taehyung's bed, hoseok whispered sweet nothings to the male as he kissed his forehead,"i'm sorry i haven't been spending time with you, tae."

suddenly, taehyung whined, eyes still shut tight as his brows furrowed in obvious discomfort.


taehyung was shaking, he noticed, soft pants coming out from his parted lips as he seemed to sob.

"h-ho-hobi,"he whispered, eyes still closed as he huffed, arms tightly wrapping around his bolster.

hoseok's brows furrowed as he bit his lip, taehyung's dreaming of me?

"hey baby, i'm here, hobi's here,"he mumbled, hoping it would calm the boy from his dilemma.

"d-dun' lea-leave-- 'ae.."

the little reached out and hoseok jumped back in shock, eyes widening when he saw taehyung trying to grab for him.

placing a quick kiss on taehyung's cheek, which seemed to calm the boy down slightly, hoseok rushed out the room in guilt.

he decided.

he'll stay home the next day.


taehyung's lidded eyes fluttered open slowly, a yawn leaving his lips as he stifled it with his oversized pink sweater's sleeve.

he pouted almost immediately, remembering that hoseok wouldn't be home again and he sighed.

oh, he was little.

what had become of their relationship, hoseok was usually gone for months !

he didn't like it one bit.

sighing, the little waddled out the door and began to pour himself a cup of milk shakily when another hand grabbed the carton for him and poured in some into a glass.

taehyung turned in shock, eyes widening when he saw hoseok.

"h-hwobi! why-why're ywou--"

hoseok smiled, his lips turned up as he held taehyung's waist firmly, lifting him up and onto the kitchen island.

"hobi decided to stay home today, princess."

taehyung's face flushed and he swung his legs, hands moving up as his sweater paws covered his pink face.

"h-hwobi hasn't bween home for a long while..."

hoseok smiled again, this time apologetically as he pecked the little's lips gently, taehyung giggling,"i'm sorry, princess. hobi's just been busy, but he'll make more time for you, okay? you do know that hobi works to bring in lots of money for taetae, yes?"

taehyung giggled, swatting at his boyfriend playfully," an' for mr. cudds?"he exclaimed, referring to his prized stuffed toy(it had been given to him by hoseok for their first anniversary).

"yes, for mr. cudds too,"hoseok booped his nose,"what should we do today, baby?"

taehyung raised his arms, obviously wanting hoseok to get him down as he grabbed his milk,"cuddles!"

hoseok hummed, pretending as if he were in thought as he pecked his chin with his fingers,"should we? maybe hobi should just go-"

taehyung's eyes widened and he cried out, annoyed and exhilarated,"no! hobi's not goin' anywhere! he's g-gon' stay and pway wif' taetae, also c-cuddlwe!"

hoseok grinned, chuckling,"of course i will, princess."

he lifted the boy off and let him take his glass, both making their ways to the living room after taehyung had gulped down his milk.


hoseok got onto the couch, placing taehyung onto his lap as the little snuggled his head into the crook of hoseok's neck,"hwobi's warm."

hoseok smiled softly, wrapping his arms around the other who only snuggled in deeper.

"how about you follow hobi to work tomorrow, hmm?"

taehyung nodded furiously in his neck, squeaking,"y-yes please!"

hoseok smoothed over his fluffy hair, "my baby's still so polite, hmm?"

"uh huh!"

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