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196,259 likes || 8,875 comments

claireshepherd- seb is not amused

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chrisevans- is that your trailer 😂
claireshepherd- don't judge me!
robertdowneyjr- most definitely. she has all
the pictures of tom on her wall from the first
avengers movie.

anthonymackie- look at them exposing you

imsebastianstan- she told me that she only got the cardboard cutout to mess with me. should i be worried??
renner4real- no she has one of samuel l.
jackson and chris hemsworth
samuelljackson- its true

username- oh my god i love this cast 😂

username- lol i like how she's already messing with seb
username- what do you mean she always
    messes with her cast mates

username- ew is she trying to be seductive?

scarjo- its only the first week of filming and you're already messing with the new guy
imsebastianstan- excuse you i was in the first
    captain america

tomhiddleston- have you replaced your fondness for my character for sebastian?
claireshepherd- of course not, tom.

username- i love this picture sm

clarkgregg- she also has a shirt with chris evans face on it
claireshepherd- STOP EXPOSING ME YOU

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