when they're jealous- prefences 🕊

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Cameron- When he's jealous he'll hold you close. Cameron doesn't really get jealous because he doesn't want to make a scene but when he does, he'll make sure to let the person know that he's yours by passionately kissing you and stating

Dante- He's basically jealous of anyone that's lucky enough to talk to you often. Since you and Dante don't live close you guys can only hang out in school, so in school he loves your attention being on him. He'll give up everything just to hang out with you. When he's especially jealous, he'll cling onto you and not let go.

Eden- Eden doesn't often get jealous but when she does she'll softly kiss your forehead and let you in for one of her special embraces right in front of the person.

Aidan- Since you and aidan don't get to spend a lot of time with each other because he's off saving the world, he always asks about your week or if anything happened or anyone flirted with you (over FaceTime which happens like once a week). He'll often drop in a daily text saying how much he loves you and if anyone hurts or flirts with you he'll kill them.

Tj- Tj doesn't get jealous. She trusts you enough to know that you won't do anything. But, when she sees someone flirting with you right in front of her she'll gently grab your hand and walk off with you.

Blake- Blake, doesn't like seeing you with other guys. He loves you and doesn't wanna loose you to some guy that he thinks is better than him. When that happens you gently reassure him that you'll always love him and he shouldn't worry about other guys.

Ethan- You and Ethan hang out like all the time so he knows know one will try to flirt. You guys always hold hands it make it public you're a couple (a lot of that pda 🤠) so he's not that worried about other guys.

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This is quite a bad chapter but, I hope y'all all have a great day and I love you and you should know that you're loved🕊

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