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"Layton where is one place you wanna go anywhere in the world." Gino said.

"I'm going to Disney next month." Layton stated.

"We can go today." Gino said. "Let's go get some of your stuff."

They were in the car for a short time before Layton started to reliaze where she was,she passed her school,then the playground next thing she knew she was turning on her block.

"Do you wanna come in with me? But moms not home she talking to the police." Gino asked.

"Yeah." Layton said.

Gino opened a window and put Layton in. "Open the door for me." He told her.

Like she was told she opened the door for him.

The alarm sounded and Layton pushed in the panic code,0123but still made it turn off.

At the prescient there were no leads they just kept reviewing the footage from out side the school when a uniform came in and said "Layton is at her house the panic code was just typed in on the alarm we have people in route now."

"No! Don't send plain clothes because your gonna scare him off. Have them as back up no lights no sirens." Fin said.

"Let's go." Nick said as Olivia and the rest followed.

The cars passed up and down the block figuring out how they were gonna do this.

"Let's just go in" Nick said to Olivia.

Everyone met down the block swat team and all. They all went into the house.

"Layton!" Olivia yelled.

"Layton were the police."

"My names Olivia."

"I'm in my room." Layton yelled back.

"Olivia! He has a gun." Olivia heard as she got closer.

Olivia called for backup upstairs before going into the pink room.

"Gino you don't wanna do that"Olivia said after seeing the gun to the little girls head.

"Why what's going to happen you gonna shoot you going to shoot me in front of her?" Gino laughed.

"If I have to I will Gino,don't test me" Olivia said grasping her gun tighter.

"Gimme the gun."Olivia said.

"Nope." Gino said cocking the gun back.

A sniper on the neighbors roof shot Gino in the hand causing him to drop the gun.

Olivia kicked the gun away and cuffed him.

"Gino Rossetti,You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be against you in a court of law have the right to an attorney if you can afford one will be appointed to you. You understand your rights as I've read them to you?" Olivia said giving him over to Nick and then going to Layton.

"It's over now baby. He's going away for 850 years." Olivia said picking Layton up and going outside.

Olivia went home to her daughters Gabby and Paisley after a long case. Amanda went home with Kayleigh Mae and began their new life as mother and daughter.

And I think that's the end...

*wow!! Thank you all so much for all of support even though I'm really bad at ending stories lol...I'm writing a new story called "In a perfect world" Here's the summary:Olivia is working under cover with their 4 year old twins and a foster baby. And her pretend husband to stop a children trafficking ring.

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