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  "Get the knife. You've seen it before. Get the knife and bring it to him."
Kayden got up out of bed and walked. Her vision was a funky red color. She couldn't see who was who but she could see what was needed. She continued to walk down the hallway. It was so quiet and there wasn't a sound. Not even a peep. She looked around then went to the deans office seeing the door was locked.

  "Its locked." She whispered.

   "Use your powers Kayden." He growled and Kayden blinked before touching the door handle and heating it up until she could get through. "Good job." He smirked. He favored Kayden, she listened to him. "Now find it."

   Kayden looked around in the dark trying to find the knife. She looked through the book case. Opened the safe. Checked his drawer. Nothing. She let out a low growl looking around some more tearing through the office. She needed to find it.

"Kayden?!" Kayden snapped awake she looked to see Dr. Saltzman standing there. She looked around the room and saw the place was a mess. Her breathes immediately sped up into a panic moment. Why was she in Dr. Saltzmans office?

   "How did I get in here?" She asked in a panic and Alaric looked confused. "I don't remember. Whats going on?" She looked at him blinking.

    '"I think... You were searching for the knife." He said frowning and she looked even more confused.

   "Why would I do that?! I have no significance towards it." She muttered frowning.

   "Maybe you do. But you don't know it." Alaric said in a low tone trying to think. "Go get some sleep. We'll talk more later."

   "Okay.." She whispered and walked out of the room and went back to her bed closing her eyes.

   "Don't worry my little pet. We will find that knife. I will find it. Trust me." He whispered. It was pure darkness and Kayden frowned.

   "Why is this knife important?" Kayden asked "Why?"

   "Because. It will help you in the long run Kayden. It will help you understand your powers." His voice echoed inside her head and she frowned looking at her hands.

  The next morning, everyone was gathered in the meeting hall. Kayden felt so restless as she yawned and rubbed her eyes. "Hey Kayden." She jumped and turned to see MG standing there behind her.

   "Oh. Hi MG." She said smiling softly.

   "So I was wondering. We should hang out today. You know... I can show you around the school and everything. If you like Ofcourse." He said and Kayden looked at him in awe of how sweet he was.

   "I'd love that MG. Thank you." She said to him and he nodded smiling back at her. They heard Dr. Saltzman clear his throat and they looked up at him.

   "Given our recent influx of monsters, Sheriff Donovan and I have decided we need to take drastic action. Please give him your full attention." Alaric said and everyone sighed but listened quietly.

   "Like Dr. Saltzman was saying, local girls Dana Lilien and Sasha Stoteraux didn't come home last night. Dana sometimes skips town for a few days to party, but this is a first for Sasha." Donovan explained and MG shifted weird in his seat looking over at one of his vampire friends.

   "Thank you, Sheriff Donovan." Alaric said to him and looked at the kids sitting before them. "Now while the knife is away with Dorian and things are quiet on his end, it won't hurt to assume the worst."

  "That's where the knife is. Find him."

   "Will you stop." Kayden whispered to herself frowning as she looked up and paid attention. She saw MG walk over to his friend and she sighed crossing her legs.
   "Now, I'll need a few of you to volunteer to go to Mystic Falls High under the guise of an exchange program meant to improve relations between our schools, which, unfortunately, is necessary, given recent events." He said "Now, I give you permission to compel them, to gather materials form locator spells, because any information we can get will make all the difference." He said and Kayden sighed shaking her head.

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