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Grand gestures were always a little too much for Keira.

Growing up in the clan, she was only happy to be noticed or talk to someone about her struggles. That was just enough to plant a big smile on her face. Now, even breathing in this living room felt like breathing underwater. Everything was so expensive and old that she had to think twice if she was allowed to even sit in the coach, which was wrapped in fine fabric. 

For God sake, even the ceiling was covered in crystal and she had an unlikely doubt that they were as real as they came. Same to that, she was afraid to touch anything, to talk to someone or to face Lex again. In her mind, that was just her wanting space from everything for a while, but even she can work out what she was doing. She was being coward. Letting fear of the unknown win again. 

"What are you thinking?"

Startled, Keira jerked her chin to where the sudden voice was coming from. Since she insisted on leaving the room dark and the few people who lived there already went to sleep, it was hard to see who it was. But once he stepped forward, from the fireplace light there was no doubt who she was staring at. 

"Little soul?"

Her breath got stuck again. In the half-light, he looked like a redeemed fallen angel. It was such a laughable contrast to his demeanor, that she had to take a deep breath or two before opening her mouth. 

"Nothing important that should concern you," She whispered curtly. His eyes narrowed slightly but in a minute, he was giving her that mischievous grin.

"Fair enough." He shrugged, hogging the small place beside her. The coach was too small for two people, but somehow he managed to make it look like no big deal. "But no, really, what have you got so...desperessed lately?"

She had to laugh at that. What got her so depressed? Was there any reason for her to laugh lately? Or for the past year? 

Since she woke up in this strange place, the only thing she could think about was last year. And the things that took her here today. 

How they willingly throw her into a alter for death.

How she escaped only to awaken a centuries-old dark creature.

How that said creature was now letting her stay in his place even if he could have just left her alone. There was just so many things happened for her to be depressed.

Even smiling felt like a chore these days.

"Hey, Keira-"

"How did I get here?" She asked avoiding his stare. He told her that he took her from a destructive site, but what really happened? And more of all, how couldn't she remember? 

Running a hand through his hair, he grunted. "How much do you remember?" 

She paused before answering. "I remember learning about my twin sister and teaching you a lesson. Then we came to New-York to look for her..."

He listened without stopping her. Even come as far to leaning close so that she could whisper and he could still hear. Until she started spurting out the words as she noticed he was practically on her face, eating up every word coming from her.

"Uh...I was following the voice and then...I woke up here. Sorry." She cleared her throat, leaning back a little. If he noticed, he didn't let her onto that. Instead, he sighed clenching his fists.

"Little soul, what I am about to tell you, you just listen, Ok? Listen carefully before interrupting me." His serious voice didn't go unnoticed by her as she nodded eagerly. 

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