Fake Love

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 'No' She screamed, putting her hands on her ears

Her heart was denying the faith she had in him

Saying 'He isn't worthy of your love...

He never loved you, not for even one true time'

Making her cry and yell in response

As she tossed away the flying tendrils away from her face.

'We Loved, We Cared, We Shared... Oh why my heart, then you say that?"

'Wasn't he the one who brought the change in my life?

Wasn't he the one who removed darkness and showed me sunlight?

He made me laugh, he showed me love,

He was the one who for me, had most cared" - She reasoned.

"Lie, lie, everything was but a lie... He was but an Ice-berg

And you were too innocent to have this figured"- reverted her heart.

She falls on the ground helplessly, her long hair lying all around

She weeps and sheds a sparkling tear as truth runs home

Her souls shudder as she heaved a heavy sigh

She wanted to raise an objection, but had nothing to fight back

Because her heart was being right when it stated...

"If he really did love you, he would have stayed with you

And had not left you alone, with misery and tears"

She stood up like a Phoenix, using all her courage

Walking towards the vase as she looked sadly at the withered rose,

She understood his love was timely, like each day the rose was deserted by each falling petals

"You are right my heart, " she finally said "His words now looks like as dead as this rose"!

Dated: 30/09/2014

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