night's cloak

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❝ i have night's cloak to hide me from their eyes. ❞

LEE FELIX rolled over onto his back, lying on LEE MINHO's copy of romeo and juliet

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LEE FELIX rolled over onto his back, lying on LEE MINHO's copy of romeo and juliet.

'you're being disruptive.'

the blonde poked out his tongue; minho sighed.

'i'm bored,' he whined. 'we've been doing this for hours. can we do something fun?'

'fun is temporary. procrastination is key to failure,' minho monotoned, yanking his book out from underneath the boy's back.

felix rolled on his bed again so he was lying on his stomach, head propped on his hands, facing minho. 'since when did you care about failure?' he tilted his head to the side. 'i thought you were the slacker emo kid.'

'eesh, don't stereotype me,' he whined, bringing the book closer to his face so that felix was obscured from view. he couldn't actually read it that close (and he'd left his reading glasses at home), but there was no way he was telling felix that.

felix sat up and scooted his butt backwards so he was sitting next to felix. 'hoe, are you actually reading? don't you need glasses or something?'

'shut up, iron man.'

'iron man?'

'felix. Fe. chemical symbol for iron. iron man.'

'i stan an intellectual.' a pause. 'but seriously, don't you have reading glasses or something?'

interlude ミ☆

snores came from the end of the bed. an hour later, minho was still working on their drama assignment (with the play script an arm's length away so he didn't have to squint), but felix had given up. his head lolled backwards and hung off the end of the bed; minho wouldn't be surprised if he fell off.

his phone lit up with a youtube notification. he checked it to see if it was anything interesting, and the time read 7:21 pm. shit. he hadn't meant to stay this late. felix's parents would be home soon - not that they wouldn't be okay with felix having friends over to his house, but he just didn't want to be forced into small talk with them. so he hastily packed up his things, shoving the manuscript into his backpack. he sent a quick text to felix explaining where he'd gone that the younger could read when he woke up later that night. hearing the chime of his phone go off, he was satisfied, and left.

well, he left, and then he felt bad for leaving felix hanging halfway off his own bed, and so he turned around and picked him up (it was a struggle) before shoving him into his bed in a comfortable position. 'bye, lixie,' he hummed, partly to himself. felix looked so pretty when he was sleeping. his hair was scattered across his forehead and his lips were parted slightly-

hell no. i'm not playing snow white, miss me with that gay shit, minho thought, stepping away from the sleeping boy. plus, the morality of kissing someone who's asleep and is unable to give consent is dubious at best.

and so he left.

interlude ミ☆


yo sleeping beauty. 


you fell asleep while we were working and it got late. i left so my parents wouldn't get mad cause i stayed out too long. see you at school on monday


by the way if you're falling asleep at 7 at night you should probably sleep more.


not like i'm telling you what to do or anything either


i'm just worried about you


but like i know you're fine of course i'm not trying to be like your mum or smth


ksjfksjd i'm just blabbing and the notifs will probably wake you up so gnight

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