what light breaks

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❝ but soft! what light through yonder window breaks? ❞

❝ but soft! what light through yonder window breaks? ❞

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the side of LEE MINHO's hand and the tip of his index finger were grey from pencil lead. when his partner walked into the drama classroom, he didn't look up from his sketchbook. a pair of sneakers stood in front of him- wait, was he wearing light-up sketchers?- before LEE FELIX sat down on the floor opposite him.


'you're in a good mood,' he grumbled. 

the boy shrugged. 'i don't know why. let's work!'

'work. you find it exciting.'

'it is-'

'it's ultimately meaningless. everything is.'

'bloody nihilist. have some fun for once,' felix said, turning to the right page in his manuscript.

minho just chuckled, before opening his laptop. he tapped a painted fingernail against the side of the screen as he waited for the word document to load. shit, not responding. he restarted his laptop.

'what's taking so long?'

he mumbled, 'rebooting.' he logged in, opened his files, and double-clicked on their drama script. again, it wouldn't load. 'uh, so, it kind of is not opening.'

'so you fucked it up?'

'no, i didn't fuck it up, it's not my fault, it just says not responding.' he turned his laptop around to show felix the screen.

'for fuck's sake, minho. uh, let's just... read through the original until word sorts out its shit.' felix opened his book, flicking through the pages until he came to the page he needed - and got blood on it. his finger stung. 

'papercut? how clumsy can you get?'

felix frowned. he held the pages down, keeping his cut finger away from the page. 'let's just go. it's your lin-'

'yeah, i know, jesus.' minho rolled his eyes. 'he jests at scars that have never felt a wound.'

'but soft! what light through yonder window-'

'it's yonder. yon-der. not yohn-der.'

'dammit, romeo, this is why our marriage is failing.'

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