Dinner to Decision

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Both Atharva and Namrata gave their consent for the dinner to their respective families.

Both the families were super excited for the coming weekend.

All the youngsters at Singhania Mansion were chirping and teasing Atharva. He just ignored them and left for his office.

Joshi Villa was no exception. Mr. & Mrs. Joshi were happy and they had also invited their younger brother and sister in law. Along with Sumer, their niece who is very close to Namrata and a very protective brother.

Soon, it was the dinner day!

Mrs. Sharada was giving instructions to her helpers to clean the house and their back garden, that is where she planned to set the dinner.

Mr. Akash was no less. He instructed all his office staff to not disturb him today.

After all, today is about their beloved princess!

At Joshi Villa, Evening time around 6pm.

Namrata sat infront of her mirror in a pink dress, holding a small marble "Taj Mahal".
She was deep in thoughts.

Sumer walks in and cleard his throat to grab her attention.

She startled. O Sumer! When did you come?
Just now, tell me what's up!

Er..... nothing....

He sighed and He took The Taj Mahal from her hands and said- Then, what is this Nimmi??

She lowered her eyes but said nothing.

He gave her a hug and placed both his hands on her cheeks and said- Nimmi, stop blaming yourself about the past, forget about it!
I know it's hard, and trust me no one knows it better than me....afterall that bloody bastard was once my best friend. You know the amount of guilt that I have, it rips off my heart. But we have to let go.
I know you have lost the faith in love and marriage. But not everyone is like him. I have heard about this Atharva guy, he seems genuine.
You know this Taj Mahal is meant for only true soulmates. And that "jerk" was never worthy of it. I am glad you kept it to yourself.

So just leave all your pain behind and think about today. I am not saying to jump on this proposal but May be think of this as a new beginning.

Will you do that for yourself, for me?? For us??

Tears rolled out of her eyes. Namrata nodded to Sumer.

That's like my sister! Said Sumer.

Now, get ready, the Singhanias would be reaching any moment. And don't worry if you do not like the guy, just tell me...I will handle everything...I am there for you...always!

Thank you Sumer! Said Nimmi.

Anyways, did you bake your favourite brownies???? I can smell the aroma.
He asked her.

She smiled and nodded.

Wow! So this guy is already lucky!!!! He teased.

Nothing like that Sumer, mom asked to bake. Replied Nimmi.
O! I will go downstairs then, With that Sumer left her room.

She combed her silky hair and applied some mascara and a pink lipstick and took a deep breath.

Let's face it!

You can do this Nimmi!! She told to her reflection.

The Door bell rang and her heart started to beat very fast.

Mr. And Mrs. Joshi welcomed the Singhania clan. They took blessings from the eldest Singhanias.
They all settled in the living room and started to chat about almost everything.

Soon, Mrs. Neeta asked for Namrata.
Where is our princess Sharada? Haven't seen her in a long while.

Sharada asked Sumer to call her.

By the way, Atharva is also not with all.....is he not coming? Asked Sharada.

Oho! Relax Sharada! He is coming directly from his office....that's why he will be coming in some time, he is on his way. - said Neeta.

A light twinkling sound of a pair of anklets is heard from the staircase and everyone looked in that direction.

There comes the Angelic beauty....our Nimmi!

At Avani Empires, Atharva was completing an important project, when he got a call from his chachu to remind him to reach Joshi Villa on time.
He just sigh! Took a deep breath and got up from his chair.

He quickly took his laptop and left to his BMW. He drove towards Joshi Villa.

Soon, he reached at the Villa and he rang the Door bell.

Sharada opened the door for him, he greeted her respectfully.

And there, Athrava walked in, wearing a navy blue Armani suit with Louis Vuitton shoes. His Hair well combed and he looked like a Greek God. His face lit up seeing his Chhoti Maa and Grand Parents.

He sat on the sofa, after greeting everyone.

Ajay said- So, Akash meet the eldest son of our family, my pride, Atharva.

Bless you beta! Said Mr. Joshi.

Soon, they started to chat about his career and his ambition.
Sumer also shook his hands and gave a brotherly hug to him.

They instantly clicked.

Soon, Namrata came with her mother, who announced the dinner is ready and served at the backyard.

A fresh whiff of strawberries hit Atharva and his eyes moved on its accord to meet a set of captivating eyes and a beautiful face.
He forgot about his surroundings and the only existing figure was the Beauty clad in a long pink dress. She was the epitome of beauty and his heart started to beat faster....it felt as if it will jump out of his rib cage.

Sumer cleared his throat and Atharva averted his gaze.
A blush adorned his cheeks even if that was possible.

Mrs. Joshi introduced her daughter to Atharva.
Sumer, Why don't you show Atharva the way to rest room. He can freshen up and join us at the dinner table. - she said.

Sumer nodded and Atharva followed him there.
She is a very special girl who deserves the world's happiness. And She can create a place in any heart very easily. - said Sumer

Hun!!!! Atharva looked at him surprised.

Don't be surprised!!! I saw the way you zoned out looking at my precious princess. Sumer added.
By the way, Were you blushing????
I can see, The great CEO of Avani Empires is smitten. Sumer chuckled.

And Atharva just smiled. He was never good with words.

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