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"bakugou! teach me how to do this assignment??? please..."

"the most handsome guy in this world, please-"

"shut the fuck up!"

i closed my laptop and glared at my two useless friends, they were so freaking annoying.

i have done most of my assignments, but the both of them were still stuck in introduction, i guess i have no choice then-

"...what you dunno?"

shitty hair flipped through his paper and pointed out a question, and dunce face quickly pulled his chair and sat beside me, "this question is tricky, i don't really understand, man."

"because you guys are idiots, that's why."

"come on dude! it's unmanly to say that-"

"like hell i would care!"

the voice was clear and loud, i forgot that i was in a library, though.

somebody used their books and slammed on the table, giving hints that i should shut up.

"tch. annoying." i rubbed my eyes, knowing that it's about damn time to take a nap-

my phone popped out one notification, i clicked inside and realized was that stupid nerd texting me.

i couldn't help but smile-

nerd 🐻: wow, aren't you embarrassed?

bakugou: abt wht?

nerd 🐻: for being too loud hahahahaha

bakugou: wait, wtf??? u at the library too????

nerd 🐻: yeah, and i kinda saw everything whoops :)

shit! and now she will think that i am an immature fucking guy who likes to get into trouble, and wait, why the fuck would i think so much though-

seriously, why would i care, it's not like she is cute or pretty and super cute or-

nerd 🐻: have you done ur assignments?

bakugou: yea, u?

nerd 🐻 : me too, i am studying now


bakugou: wtf, we still got a lot of time okay

nerd 🐻 : it's better to start early

bakugou: fucking nerd

nerd 🐻: :) bye

i looked around, trying to find her and there she is, sitting at the corner with her earphones on. she was sitting next to a girl, and i bet they were best friends.

her friend's face was fucking round, geez.

i looked at her closely, trying to observe her movements,

she will bite her pen when she was studying;

while studying, she will tie up a ponytail ;

she will rub her fingers while doing notes; it's cute??

these thoughts make me wanted to dig a hole and jumped inside... because i could feel myself blushed when i think about her-

"ohhhhhh someone is looking at his crush-" dunce face whispered to my ears.

"you better stop talking or else i am not gonna teach you anything!" i was trying to be angry as possible, in order to hide the fact that i was looking at her.

"hey bro, you guys should hang out together!" shitty hair grinned and i blushed again, great.

"you teach us assignments, we give you advice on how to make that girl fall in love with you, deal?"

what the fuck... i don't.like.her!!! why were they assuming me liking that fucking korean girl???

or maybe, i was pushing away my feelings, too.

geez, how annoying, i think i should think properly,

the more you blushed, it indicates that you are liking that person,

and i choose to deny that.


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