The Blind Bandit

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Aya's POV

"It's pricey... but I really do like it."

Sokka is the worst at making decisions. He can never make up his mind especially when it comes to shopping. He's worst then Katara and me.

"Then you should get it, you deserve something nice." Katara suggested.

The item Sokka was looking at was a green bag that was fancier then usually. It was a beautiful bag, but it probably won't give us any use in the future and just be a decoration.

"I do, don't I?" Sokka questioned himself. I gave my brother a bored expression from my spot on the floor. "But no, it's too expensive. I shouldn't."

"All right, then don't." Katara remarked.

Katara begins to leave and Aang and I follow her. Bubbles trailed behind me for a bit before she crawled onto my back.

"You know what? I'm gonna get it!" Sokka enthusiastically smiled and goes back to the back. The three of us wait for Sokka to return and this man gets our attention.

"Psst, psst. Hey, you kids like earthbending?" He asked, showing us a flyer. "You like throwing rocks? Then check out Master Yu's Earthbending Academy."

He handed a flyer to Aang before leaving.

"Look, there's a coupon on the back." Aang pointed out, turning it over. "The first lesson is free."

"Who knows? This Master Yu could be the earthbending teacher you've been looking for." Katara mentioned before Sokka returns with the bag.


Aang went to go take the class from Master Yu and Katara, Sokka, and I patiently waited for the class to finish.

The class finished soon after that and Aang was unsure about the class.

"Ehh, he's not the one." Aang told us and beats his ear to cause sand to fall out.

"I think the Boulder's going to win back the belt at Earth Rumble VI." An older student spoke and we looked at the two boys walking by.

"He's going to have to fight his way through the best earthbenders in the world to get a shot at the champ." His friend replied. Aang liked hearing this and went up to them.

"Excuse me, but where is this earthbending tournament, exactly?" Aang asks the two boys.

"It's on the island of Noneya... "Noneya" business!" The first boy teased and I glared at him.

Excuse me?

They both start to laugh and walk away. Sokka joins in but Katara and I continue to glare at the boys.

I would like to take my daggers and put them in their eye balls.

"Oh, I got to remember that one!" Sokka laughs.

I went up to Aang and comforted him.

"I'll take care of this." Katara told Aang consolingly before running after the boys. "Hey, strong guys! Wait up!"

Sokka looks at his new bag. "What was I thinking? I don't need a new bag! Why did you let me buy this?"

He placed the bag down and folded his arms angrily. Momo hops into the bag and closes his eyes.

Karate comes back. "Ready to find an earthbending teacher? Because we're going to Earth Rumble VI!"

"How'd you get them to tell you?" Aang asked her.

She either threatened them or froze them against a wall. Katara can be scary when you hurt or insult her family.

"Oh, a girl has her ways."

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