Hazel - Myself*

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I jogged my way around a lamp post and continued on through the dense fog. Here in the middle of America the winters are brutal, the summers are nasty, and the fall and spring are bipolar.

I mean Montana.

I live in a small city, but it was large enough to boast a downtown, a shopping district, suburbs, and even a ghetto area.

I don't know if having a ghetto area qualifies it automatically as a city but every city I've been to has one.

With my running shorts and top soaked in mist and sweat, I continue down one road until I get to my house. Opening the front door after stretching out the kinks, I drop my iPod on the counter and quickly go up to shower off the nasties.

Pulling the shower curtain closed I turn the faucet handle and make the water come out hot. Steam immediately fills the small bathroom. I enjoy the hot water while it lasts cause once winter hits, the closest to hot is luke warm.

Pumping out a few squirts of my favorite shampoo and giving my hair a good scrubbing I don't notice a shadowy figure approaching me.

A hand quickly pulls the curtain back and yells out, "AHH!"

Letting out a quick girly scream I press my back against the wall and cover my man parts.

My sister Brittnie laughs her ass off as she scared me in the shower for the third time this month.

"GET. OUT!" I say through clenched teeth. Lets just say that privacy doesn't exist in this house hold.

"Why? It's not like I haven't seen your junk before and let me tell you it wasn't impressive then, its definitely not impressive now." She says with the shower curtain still open.

Sometimes I don't understand her and her creepy tendencies.

"Can you please just get out!"


"Get out!"

"Just tell me why?"

"Because I said so!" I yell at her exasperated and pissed off.

"Brittnie get out! Leave Hazel alone!" My mom yells down the hall. Finally help!

"Fine!" Brittanie says and leaves me with a flurry and slams the bathroom door closed.

How she picks the lock and gets in is beyond my and whatever higher beings comprehension.

To put it into simpler terms. She graduated the top one percent of her class at Berkeley and is attending class for her Doctorates because she was bored and decided to take her Masters program with her Bachelors! She's trying to be a chemist and find a miracle cure for impotency or women who can't hold a normal pregnancy. She's nice and a great person, definitely spoils me and my siblings, but has a major screw loose in the department of common sense.

I quickly finish up my shower and grab a towel hanging off the rack.

I walk to my room next door and shut it with a chain I had my dad install against my sister, the only deterrent so far that works. Phew!

I'm a senior this fall and with classes already underway I am so glad!

My sister was going to give me a recommendation because I wanted to be a chemist but in another field of study. Don't know where I want to attend but I'll decide later on.

Once dressed in a simple dark wash jeans and a comfortable t-shirt I grab my backpack by my door and head out the door.

It's only seven in the morning so traffic was nonexistent. I enjoy mornings and definitely enjoy the quiet in comparison to my life at home.

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