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"Thank you for driving me home. Even though you really did not have to do that," I said.

Nathan shook his head, leaning back in his seat. "Angela, it's honestly no problem. Besides, it would have been kind of horrid if I had left you there."

"And I don't want to be a burden. I am sure that you have a whole lot of other stuff to do, rather than drive me around all the time."

"You are not a burden. How many times do you need me to say this?" he inquired, his tone serious. "You could never been one. Not ever. I promise. And I love driving you around, it gets me to spend more time with you."

I looked at him from the corner of my eye, already finding him staring at me. "You want to spend more time with me?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Nathan grinned and I was immediately in love with it. "Want to know a secret?"

I raised an eyebrow. "And what would that be?"

"There is something else on the video. Well, on the other one that I grabbed. Which is from two days before I found you."

"Really? Have you checked it out?"

"Angela, I've been with you the whole night." He laughed, making my cheeks heat up immediately. "I will check it out tomorrow, but I do feel like there is something."

"I feel the same way."

I actually want to say this about you. How I feel about you, but because I'm such a pussy then I can't, was what I wanted to say.

"You should go. Even though it is a Friday night, I wouldn't want to keep you out too long."

His words made my mood drop. "Oh."

"Don't be too sad. Maybe I will even see you tomorrow." He sent a wink, which made me turn even more red.

"I'm good with that," I mumbled, playing with the hem of my dress, the tips of my fingers touching my thigh. And when I glanced up at Nathan, to see if this would attract his attention, I noticed that he was already staring at my legs. "You still didn't need to come tonight though."

I heard his intake of breath when my hands moved up, inching under my dress. "I wanted to."

I didn't understand what I was doing, why I was even doing it. All I knew was that I felt bold, extremely bold and it was making me act this way.

Nathan's hands clenched into fists on the wheel, attempting to remove his gaze from my legs. His focus didn't remove, even when my hands ventured more under, pushing up the hem, so I could give him a sight to see.

But it was not my hands I wanted. I wanted his hands, I wanted his hands all over my body. I craved for them, I had craved for them for so many months.

"Nathan," I breathed out.

Nathan was breathing so hard, struggling to contain it. And the second I saw him bite down on his lip, I fought the sudden urge to jump on him.

And as I had opened my mouth, a honking of a car was what cut me off. The one which made me yank my hand off my leg. "Damn. That was loud."

Nathan let out a chuckle. "Nice interruption."

The honk had completely ruined the moment.

"I think I should get going. I can bet that Estrela is pissed and I would not want to upset her any further."

"You're probably right." Nathan shrugged. "I will see you tomorrow, okay?"

"But tomorrow is a Saturday?"

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