a rose by any other word

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❝ that which we call a rose, by any other word, would smell as sweet. ❞


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LEE FELIX had always been unlucky. his teachers all seemed to hate him, he was so clumsy that he didn't even notice when he got a new bruise, and he'd never picked a four-leaf-clover. 

wait, i'm with him?

so he wasn't surprised, just disappointed. of course he had to be paired with the one person in class he didn't like. he stood up from his seat. the chair made a scraping noise as he pushed it out, making him cringe so hard his bag fell off his shoulder. he quickly collected himself and shuffled over to the back of the room, sitting in the empty seat beside his partner. he pushed his seat in and it landed on something... squishy. 

a hiss from the boy beside him told him it was his foot; he quickly moved the chair off it. 'oh, shit, i'm sorry, are you okay-'

'it's fine. pain is a temporary emotion.'

he exhaled, air puffing his cheeks out as he shook his head slightly. well, he wasn't wrong. felix waited for the teacher to finish calling out pairs for the performance. he groaned silently, realizing that all his friends were in pairs together except for him. 

'okay, there's about twenty minutes left of class, so you and your partner can start to plan out what you're going to do. feel free to move around the room and go sit on the floor, i don't mind.'

felix tentatively turned to the boy beside him, who was sketching something in the margin of his notebook. 'uh, i'm-'

'-not going to talk.'


'stop talking.'

'but we're supposed to be-'

'i'm in the middle of something.'

felix scoffed. he leant over to see what he was drawing, but the boy turned away. felix crossed his arms. 'i'll tell on you.'

'you sound like a fourth grader,' he commented. his earring dangled low, almost touching the page (although he was leaning over his book quite a bit). felix wondered how it wouldn't poke him in the shoulder when he walked. 

'i'm not a fourth grader.'

'that's obvious. now shut up,' he shushed him.

'no. i will tell the teacher if you don't stop doing that and brainstorm ideas with me.' when the boy beside him didn't move, he put his hand up and called out obnoxiously, 'miss!'

LEE MINHO slammed his notebook shut and stomped on felix's shoe under the table. the latter choked on air, taken by surprise, before putting his hand down. the teacher looked up from her work briefly, but looked back down again, seeing that everything seemed to be in place. when she was distracted again, he elbowed minho in the ribs. 'the fuck was that for?'

'i don't need another detention, thanks.' 

felix rolled his eyes. he'd never talked to the boy before this, and had just gotten a general emo vibe that made him think, hmm, don't mess with this one. now he had a reason for his dislike of lee minho: the boy was a bitch. 'now that i have your attention,' he started with a glare in his direction, 'let's find some scenes that we could modernize.'

instead of replying to the boy's comments, minho pulled a lollipop out of his bag, unwrapped it, and started to suck on it. when he realized felix was staring at him, he said, 'strawberry flavour. do you want one?'

he blinked. 'i'm allergic to red food colouring. dude, you're supposed to be helping with this. we're both equal partners, and i'm dumb. i can't do this by myself.'

'well, it's not like i have many braincells either.' after a short pause, he grabbed felix's copy of romeo and juliet and turned to a page. he pushed the back towards felix, pointing at a line. 'let's start here. you're juliet.'

'what? no!' he was so not being juliet.

'stop being sexist and just play the girl, for fuck's sake.'

felix held up his hands in surrender. 'okay, okay. sorry.' he quickly read over the excerpt. 'this is interesting. we'll probably get good marks for this because it's mainstream and we can, like, modernize it easily.'

'also, in this bit where she doesn't know he's listening to her but they're sort of indirectly speaking to each other, we could have a-'

'a separator in the center! like that scene in frozen where anna and elsa are singing "do you wanna build a snowman" and they're back-to-back against the door!' felix finished minho's sentence and felt quite proud of himself until he saw the scowl on the other's face. what he had to say was probably much more eloquent than the "frozen" example, he realized. 

minho tilted his head from side to side. 'yeah... kinda.'

'should we write down basic versions of the sentences so we can make it modern?'

he sucked on the lollipop. 'you should write that down.' it seemed like he'd improved his attitude a bit, but now he was just back to being a dickhead. felix sighed. 

'...he jests at scars that never felt a wound.'

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