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   Ok so this past weekend I went and staffed a BSA camp and things got pretty wild Saturday night. First off to start our lovely talk I will inform you all that I was one of three girls at camp, mind you we were the only female's under 18 and there were like 30 boys there. 

   Anyways Saturday at dinner one of the boys had an anxiety attack and even though I hate him and want to kill him really badly I was a little worried because those can be serious. I got really fucking pissed at the adults because they went and checked on him after 15 freaking minutes. My friend had a mental breakdown at the same time because she was worried about him since he's her ex (that's a WHOLE other story.) But yeah so he was having anxiety attacks all night and she could barely keep herself together.

   Then at campfire that night he walked off into the fucking woods by himself and didn't tell anyone. Two boys saw him leave and followed him trying to find him but they couldnt so they came back and one told us first for some odd reason while the other told the adults. Luckily they found him about 15 minutes later. But yeah that was scary.

   Now this is where it gets interesting. So that night we were at our cabins because it is really freaking tiring to deal with boys between the ages of 5-10 all day non-stop. That's when our scoutmaster came and got us and told us we had to go back to the dining hall because there was a problem. So we went up there and she had a talk with the other adults and then came out and led us back to the cabins. Turns out same boy who I've !mentioned many times decided to bring cigarettes to a freaking scout camp. Like wtf man?! Btw he was under 16. Anyways he got other kids to do it with him and tried to get us to as well. Luckily my friend knew her ex well enough to not let us go with them on their 'shortcut' back to the cabins. They ended up getting reported by a boy when they tried to get him in on it. His parents got contacted and drove an hour and a half to the scout camp to pick him up. Which is bad enough now add that to the fact that all this was at like 10:30 at night. 

   So yeah my weekend was interesting.

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