the thing that shouldn't happen

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A Short Story

It all happened during the after party of SBS Gayo Daejun 2018

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It all happened during the after party of SBS Gayo Daejun 2018. Rosé was so sure she wanted to confess her feelings that night. She has been harboring feelings to Bangtan Sonyeondan's Maknae for God knows how long.

However, hence with all the things she did just to make him noticed her? She remains invisible in his eyes. Sometimes, she'll have this foolish thoughts of becoming her co-member Lisa for a day. That girl is surely popular and an expert of catching everyone's attention, even when it comes to K-idols.

She wonders when did Lisa became close to BTS to the point that she is dating one of their members. Chaeyoung asked Lisa once and the latter will always reply, it was back SBS 2016. The dance collaboration.

And then here comes her two other members, Jisoo who have a complicated relationship with the leader of BTS. She said they aren't in a relationship and they are 'just friends' but every time their eyes locked, it looks like they're undressing each other.

Jennie on the other hand had expressed her hatred to one of the rappers of BTS. "Min Yoongi is the biggest jerk." She says

So basically, Rosé wasn't part of any of that. She knew them as acquaintances but as friends? She doubt that ever happen. Although tonight was different, she wanted to take courage and change that.

So with heavy breaths and a one shot of tequila, she moved forward to the man she's been eyeing since earlier. Jeon Jungkook wasn't even partying with his hyungs, he is busy with his phone texting so the moment he excused himself, Rosé take that chance to approach him.

But she lost sight of him along the rowdy crowd, luckily she saw him at the club's veranda.

She take a few steps closer as she stared lovingly to his back figure. Rosé inhaled a deep breath as she closes her eyes.

"Hey, I know this is so sudden but... I've been keeping this feelings for such a long time now."
Rosé paused, she stared at his unmoving back. Why aren't he facing her? Was he surprised?

"I like you."
And there she said it. Her heart is beating so fast like she had run a marathon. Rosé let out a soft smile as she moved closer until her arms lifted to hug his torso.

"And I'm really hoping you feel the same way, Jungkoo—"
She wasn't able to finish her words when the man turned around to face her.

Park Chaeyoung's blood drained out of her face as she went pale from the unexpected turn of events.

This guy isn't Jeon Jungkook

Her arms weakened when the man meet her gaze as his lips formed into an attractive playful smirk.

That moment Park Chaeyoung knew she was doomed. She was lost of words.

"You shouldn't be doing this in this area, Rosé-ssi. You will cause us both in trouble."
And before she can reply and apologize so that she can run for her dear life, their attention was caught by a loud shuttering of cameras.

Their eyes roamed around the whole area and unfortunately, they didn't see who was the culprit of it. The only thing they can do is to brace theirselves for tomorrow's news because for sure their names will be on the headlines.

"See what I mean?"

"I-I'm sorry—"

"Thanked God, Jungkook just left or else he will be the one in trouble and when that happen? He won't ever forgive you that's for sure."
Chaeyoung took a step back and blinked at the man in front of her who wasn't showing any emotions right now, she can't read him if he is just being patient since she's a girl or he's controlling himself to not cause a scene.

"You see, his preparing for his solo mixtape and what you did earlier? Will not help at all. Besides, you're not his type."
And that's when it finally hit her that she just made Kim Seokjin pissed.

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