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237,349 likes || 9,393 comments

claireshepherd- going to miss this nerd while im away for filming

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asherreid: why are we so ugly
claireshepherd- bad genes my dude

username- they are so cute together 😭

username- why aren't they dating yet
username- bc they're just best friends chill

scarjo- aww you guys are so childish
imsebastianstan- took the words right out of
     my mouth

anthonymackie- so i get to work with a full grown child. great
claireshepherd- oh just wait until scar and
chris are together

chrisevans- you never take silly pics like that with me
renner4real-bc she doesn't love you

robertdowneyjr- i miss seeing that silly face on set

username- why do people like her?
username- right? such a terrible actress

tomhiddleston- still as quirky as ever, i see. miss you love, catch up soon?
claireshepherd- miss you too, hiddle piddle!
we will definitely have to catch up sometime!

username- ^^ hiddle piddle wHAT 😂

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