A full breakfast for me includes grilled tomato, bacon and eggs along with a sausage, mushrooms and a hash brown. Plus a scoop of beans on the side along with two slices of toast.

After I ordered that, the others looked at me with curiosity.

" What? I always have this breakfast when I am not working." I said with a grin at the others. 

Then Deb went and asked for the exact same thing. So, us girls were showing the men that we can eat normal food and not be picky like those thin stick woman are who think only of their figures and what should be healthy for them.

I have always been of the thought that if you don't work, you don't eat. And, since I work hard, I eat decently to accommodate the workload. It doesn't mean that I am fat. Because I certainly am not. I did have some curves. But they are all in the right place.

Anyway, Deb and Cort took the boys off for the day after I made sure they had their ID on them along with enough funds to do them for the day. Which they all snorted at me since I know they have enough since they work part time to help them be a little independent of me. Plus it gave them a taste of what working life is like and will be like after they leave their education behind.

Anyway, I was not expecting anyone to come back before five this afternoon with dinner being at seven that night with the other gentlemen joining us. So, it gave me and Lucy some uninterrupted time talking about the the new offices that was going to be opening up in Kerrville in the coming months.

" I can spear head it if you want. But I am worried about leaving my grandparents for any considerable time while doing this along with the boys and their finals which the rest are starting when we get back." I said to Lucy about the only concern I have where this new office was concerned.

" Considering who we are, I think we can cover anything that comes up." She reminded me with a smile. But I noticed the frown on her face with something bothering her.

" Is everything okay with you at home. There is nothing wrong with Heaven, is there?" I asked her after taking a sip of coffee after I made one for us in the kitchen of out apartment here.

" Just a mother worrying." She admitted as she put down her pen after taking notes. We are both good for taking notes down. It helps us to keep what thoughts we have in mind down in writing so we don't forget them.

" Yeah. I know what you mean." I said to her and we both laughed when we caught each others gazes.

" Heaven got her drivers licence. That was a shock. She has already got herself this convertible truck camper and is going on a road trip. It's the first time she is doing it and I am not invited." Lucy said with a very thoughtful look on her face. One tempered with worry I would imagine.

" She has to grow up sometime, Lucy." I softly said as I reach across the paperwork between us and patted her hand.

" I know. But she invited her father to go with her instead of me. It has been me and her for so long and now it's like she doesn't even need me anymore. I feel so damned redundant." She said as if annoyed about it. I just laughed at her.

" You know that this was going to happen one day. No parent is ever ready for it when the child is as special as Heaven is. I can still remember how upset you were when she went on that very first tour she had with her sister. She slept for a few days when she eventually came home, didn't she?" I reminded Lucy who slowly grinned.

" She really is flourishing. She is doing so well as a mother with Alex and I still have no idea what her and those two kids get up to or even talk about with each other no matter how hard I tried to learn that little language they have together." Now she really looked annoyed. But I can understand why.

She mentioned a couple of times that Heaven would go off up into the hills with the kids and do whatever their hearts desired. There were bears mentioned a few times. But I didn't know whether to believe those stories or not. Then I remembered a little more about Lucy's family.

People with autism have a language all of their own that only they understand.  When I found out that Heaven was a teenage mother who took her responsibilities very seriously, I wondered how that all worked out for her. 

But she also has the help of her older sister Tia, who was the mother to Alecia, who has autism like Heaven does. And Tia helps look after the kids a lot of the time when Heaven is busy doing her sketching. Her other sisters also help out when they are there. The whole family is very close.

But I couldn't help laughing at how put out Lucy was looking because she was not invited to tag along with her youngest daughter and husband on this very first trip away from home.

Anyway, We finished up going through the paperwork. We sorted out the ideas that would be needed to establish this newer and larger office we were going to start up and by lunch time, Lucy was off to have lunch with her family. I sorted out all the paperwork and filed it in it's respective folders.

I had filed away all the paperwork into a briefcase I had with me then made a few calls to Kerville to speak to some real estates regarding office space and once all the paperwork and appointments were all squared away, I was hungry for something to eat. I was just about to make myself another coffee when I heard a knock at the door.

Sitting my cup back down on the sink where I was about to make myself a coffee, I made my way across to the door and after looking through the peep hole, I frowned and waited a moment before opening the locks and pulling the door open to stand there staring.

I just looked up at him and waited a moment as we both looked at each other.

I stepped back and watched as he brushed passed me as he stepped into the room shutting the door behind him. Then I turned and rested my back against the door and just watched him as he looked around. 

Then he turned those piercing eyes of his back to me.

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