Meetings Part 25

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3rd May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

Early the following morning, I got a call from both Lucy and from Doug's father who wanted to know if he could come and see us during the day sometime.

Lucy had wanted to talk to me about the event and the publicity that was garnished for it, especially after my appearance in being there. It seems that she is also someone who knows Deb. But not as well as I do.

She also wanted to talk about the new office she wanted me to start up which did happen to be in Kerrville where they had a large need for support and the current supports were majorly understaffed and not up to the needs that most people require to be able to function with some degree of normalcy in their lives both at home and in the community.

Most people we find joining us as new clients were those who were somewhat socially isolated and really did need the help that we can offer when others were not in the position to be able to fill those particular needs.

I suppose, it all comes down to what funding is available. And with the way the government is lately, funding for aged or disability services is not a high priority on anyone's list at the moment. They might say it is, but we can see first hand that it is not.

Anyway, Lucy wants to meet up sometimes today to talk about my opening and starting up a new support service in Kerrville. 

I spoke to her that I was meeting the Winton's for breakfast and I will talk to Deb about it since she knows first hand what the town is like as well as give us some pointers about locality and position of offices and workshops and such.

It also meant that since the kids have already made arrangements to do some sightseeing together, it will have to be done today without me. I also mentioned after everyone arrived that my father and Doug's father also wanted to come and meet the boys. 

There was no mention of their respective wives and after I spoke to the boys that morning before we went down to have breakfast, it was decided to invite both grandfathers to dinner tonight in the restaurant downstairs in the dinner room.

We were having breakfast in the breakfast room. That was how the  boys all thought of it since their was three restaurants here. One for starting the day, one for the middle of the day and one for dinner. That was how they simply thought of it and I did not dissuade them of thinking that since it actually made sense to everyone.

Anyway, the Wintons all came in just on eight and were shown to our large table looking around with excitement since it was their very first time being inside The Driskill.

" We haven't been in here before. It looks gorgeous, doesn't it, Cort?" Deb said as she looked around.

The family, mine that is, may have been here to have breakfast. But it still meant that we had to dress appropriately for the surroundings. But instead of dressing for a night out, it was mainly business wear we were all wearing. Since we did have business on the agenda.

I mentioned that I have to do some work with Lucy during the day and won't be able to join them all on their outing. Deb didn't mind still taking the boys out since they had already planned it with Randi. 

" Me and you can make a day of it tomorrow with Randi and just make it a girls day for a while. Unless business doesn't interfere with it any?" Deb offered which I thought was rather nice of her to do.

" Thank you. I think that might be lovely. But I have to also meet up with Heaven tomorrow sometime. I always make time for her when we can meet up." I also added with a smile after the waiter brought my full breakfast.

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