It Is Like It Is Part 23

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1st May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I think everything that needed to be said was already said, to a degree. Although, we still had not found out why Doug only wanted the boys for a couple of months. We only assumed that it was work related for some reason. But with his mother involved, that made things different.

What did surprise us was that Mr Warrendine apologized to us for what his wife and son did. 

He never knew I was even associated with his son or that I had his grandchildren. He kept looking at the boys and at one moment, I whispered to him where we were staying and for how long. I added that Deb knows where we are as well if he wanted to pop in for a coffee.

The poor man nearly burst into tears when I offered that to him.

" But keep the witch away. I don't think the kids want to know her just yet." I also added in a low voice.

" I can understand that. But, Doreene, thank you." He said back to me quietly with a look at the two tall boys who he now knows are his grandsons before he turned and went off to deal with his wife who was still having a bit of a rant with Doug in a corner who was still trying to console his wife with her mothers help.

" Why didn't you tell me? I had a right to know. You know I can't..." Her, Doug's wife,  very upset voice was muffled after that. I quickly glanced at her to see Doug trying to soothe and calm her. He did look really upset about it and I think he does really like or even love my sister.

I don't know and I don't care. Doug stopped being important to me the moment I found out he was still alive and had never came back to see his child. That really ticked me off.

Then I looked at my father and would have felt pity for him being upset as he was. But to be honest, I didn't give a shit about what he thought. Not anymore, anyway.

" You caused all this when you couldn't keep your dick in your pants. In some countries, adultery is a death sentence. Pity it is not the same deal here. There is no honor in betrayal like this. You caused it, now you have to suffer it." I sort of snarled at my father.

I don't know why he was shocked for? I was just telling him exactly like it is.

I turned to look at Deb and Cort who were still looking around at everyone with a bit of excitement before looking back at me. Then they smiled. I noticed that their son was never too far away from either them, or from me I noticed.

" Well, this was certainly not how I expected this evening to go. I am so glad that you are here." She said to me with a grin.

The boys were dragged off by Randi to the food table. Which is normal for them. They do like to eat. And to eat a lot.

" I thought it was going to be another boring event. Hell, it certainly was not." Cort grinned with a couple of chuckles.

" The countries Minister for Disability knows you. You actually work with her and the boys call her 'Aunty'. Is there anyone else you know that you would like us to know about?" Deb leaned forward with one hand on Cort's chest while still hanging on to her husbands arm and smile at me as she asked that.

" I might. But I'm hungry. Can we follow the kids to the buffet table? I don't want to leave it too late to eat or else I will be heading to the closest McDonalds for a burger meal before heading back to the hotel." I said to them with a grin. A big cheesy grin at that.

" I can just see you two dressed like that walking into a Macca's store. That would certainly set the tongues wagging." Cort smiled down at Deb before lifting his face and smiling at me as we moved through the whispering guests in the direction of the boys.

" What hotel did you manage to get? We struggled getting anything decent and close by." Deb was saying as we walked through the throng that slowly parted to show us the buffet with the kids walking up and down it with a small plate and napkin in their hands while they leaned over a little to see what exactly the food was.

" I got one of the suites around the corner at The Driskill. I have one bedroom and the boys share the other. It has enough room for us." Watching the boys still ahead of us,  I mumbled as I walked with the other older couple. They may be old enough to be like my parents. But they certainly do not act like their age. I might even find myself struggling to keep up with Deb.

My boys were simple men in the making. Give them steak, gravy and mash with a few greens and they are happy. They were probably looking for something they could identify. Anything they can't, will be overlooked.

" What the f*** is this thing?" I heard Bryce ask the others. Randi giggled when she saw what my son was pointing to. I looked over her shoulder as I approached and took one look at the creamy dish with round balls in it.

" That is goat eyes in a creamy cheese sauce." I bluntly said to them which caused the boys to back peddle straight away. Jasper making some slightly gagging noises.

I saw some toothpicks and after grabbing one, I stabbed one of the balls and lifted it to my mouth and chewed it a couple of times before smiling at the kids who looked horrified at what I just did.

" Actually, that was their testicles in a cheese sauce." Deb hyphened the cheesy sauce bit which had the kids look even more horrified. Cort just snorted at his wife as he looked from the dish to the boys.

" If you do not know what it is, don't have it." He said in the calm sounding voice as he looked from the boys, to us women and then to the dish in question.

" Cool. Chicken and cheese balls." Oliver said as he leaned over my shoulder and after a look, he slowly grabbed both of my shoulders gently in his large hands and pushed me out of the way and grabbed a larger plate and went for the balls and cheese dish we had just made the boys think was something else.

Oliver had been across the room talking to a few of the other men he obviously knew. They might have worn a nice suit, but I can see that they are ranchers. The boots gave it away.

Anyway, the boys then glared at both me and Deb with Cort laughing as their son went for nearly all the chicken and cheese croquettes on the platter.

We only stayed for another hour with Deb introducing me to a few of the other important people that were there. Some had heard of the little altercation that happened earlier with the Warrendines and the Bishops.

I did find out that there was some kind of business deal happening with Doug who actually worked with my father and some contract they had with some company. I don't know and I don't care. Although, it did get interesting just before we left the event. I stood and watched it unfold as it did thinking that no one saw them. Or heard them either.

" I never wrote a letter like that to her, Amanda. Not once, no never. So, how about you tell me just how it was that she received a letter from me telling her to never contact us again? I wondered why I never got any more letters or calls from her. Care to explain those too?" My father was quietly demanding his wife to explain what possibly was his wife's interference in our relationship. Not that we ever really had one.

I didn't stop to wait for her response to that. I couldn't be bothered.

I have a date with an artist downstairs.

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