It's All Coming Out Part 22

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30th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

" What? How..? Your name is not Bishop. It's Bushell. The same as your grandparents." Doug suddenly spluttered out still in shock at this sudden turn of events. He was nervously twitching at this sudden appearance we made here to interrupt their evening.

All while trying to keep his wife calm from being more upset that she obviously was.

" Yes, well... After my parents abandoned me when I was a little girl by dumping me on my grandparents so unexpectedly, my grandparents thought it would be easier to have my name changed to theirs to make it easier for me growing up. And, to be honest I wouldn't want to be known by either of my parents names anyway. Not very classy." I spoke with a slightly lilted tone to give the appearance of being a snob of sorts.

" Will someone tell me what the hell is going on?" Mr Warrendine then yelled out. So, me being me when dealing with the elderly, I stepped forward right into his space so his attention is solely on me at this point. None of the others made a move to say anything to him anyway. So, I did it.

Then I smiled.

" I was fourteen when your son knocked me up, Mr Warrendine. We were both idiot kids at the time with him not much older than I was with us both fooling around like we did." I started to tell him slowly and calmly.

" When I found out I was pregnant, I told him. When he dropped me back at my grandparents home and on his way home that afternoon, he had an accident I knew nothing about. When I didn't hear anything from him for over a week, I went to your house where your wife told me that Doug (who I waved my hand to just then) had been killed in and accident and that I was to get lost." I started to narrate the story of my life at the time to him.

I noticed that his eyes had been widening the more I spoke and his lips tightened together. He only glanced at Doug once before bringing his eyes back to me.

" But after trying to get help from your family, your wife came and dropped off some papers to us where one of them was with Doug's signature on it along with hers that relinquished all rights to the baby I was having. I didn't understand that at the time. I was upset. And, to make sure I would stay away, they had the sheriff come and deliver me court orders to me to stay away from your whole family. So, I had only my grandparents to rely on at the time. I thought of only one other person who might help me. But I was proved wrong once more when I went to the only other person that I thought would help me." I turned to look at my father this time.

" My father also sent a letter which basically said that since I made my bed, I could lie in it and that was it. I was not to contact him ever again." I smiled at him watching as he too turned a paler color than before.

" But what brings me here is Doug." I turned to look once more at the twins now sick looking father.

" After careful consideration and also seeking legal advice after your visit to my office, it was best that we come and have a chat with you since you threatened to take us to court to get my boys for a few months. I think that is what you said wasn't it? Just a couple of months?" I asked him which I think really shocked everyone after I said that.

" You didn't tell us that, Mum. Why on earth would he just want us for a couple of months for? Not that we would have agreed anyway." Jasper asked with a grin on his face while he stood there with one hand in his pocket. He reminded me of a James Bond character with how he was standing there. A very young one. Handsome, but young.

I can hear some slight murmuring happening from outside our little huddle we had happening at the moment. But it was clear that no one was taking any notice of the bystanders who had come a bit closer to listen in on the fascinating conversation we now have going. It was probably the highlight of their day listening to this. The gossip mill is I am sure, quite a good one in this city.

" I would have thought it would have been good for you having the boys come to stay for a while with us. We would have paid you enormously for it." It was Doug's mother who blurted that out which had her husband looking now again at her in shock.

" Nancy, what..?" He asked her in a coarse tone of voice. He was not looking very well just then. Which made me think that he might not have known anything that had happened. He kept looking at the boys whose faces where very similar to his own and his sons.

" It would have done you good. I am told that cleaners always need extra money." I could not believe she actually said that to me. Or to anyone. It was obvious that the woman does not know just how important cleaners were in our society. But she just might find out after this.

" Has anyone ever told you that you are a lousy bitch, Mrs Warrendine?" I asked her with a brow raised at her. I heard some gasps at what I said just then. But I was not too concerned. Doug was about to say something after consoling his wife when we were interrupted.

" Doreene, Is that you. I thought I heard your voice." I Turned to see the newest visitor to our group come along. I thought she might have been in town when I saw something that reminded me of her.

" Lucy. How nice to see you. How is the family?" I asked my head boss with Disability Services. Lucy Fellings, the country's Minister for Disability.

Felven's mother.

" I thought that was you I heard talking. How is the office going? Is everything settling down down that you are more familiar with the ropes?" She asked me after I received a hug from her.

" It is doing good. I have half a dozen more applications for support workers as well as home assisted support as well. I might have to either extend the office into one next door or move altogether into a much bigger one. But it is one I am thinking of where I can have therapists added as part of the business. That way, we don't have too much stress added onto the clients workload." I said to her with a genuine smile.

" Heaven is downstairs. She doesn't know you are here, does she?" Lucy asked me with a wide grin.

" No. I saw her artwork being shown in the gallery and the boys want to make sure that we get to visit with her before we leave. But, having you here is even better." I said to her as she looked around to see the boys.

" Don't you boys  look yummy." She whistled to the twins who grinned at her. She included Xavier in that as well who smiled at her. He has not met her very much since coming to us. But he remembers her.

" Thanks, Aunty. You look nice too." Jasper settled for a yummoh kind of sound as he looked at one of the most powerful ladies in the country.

" Get away with you. Don't forget to stop in and see us before you leave tonight, Dear." Lucy Fellings said as she begin walking away leaving everyone is shock after her appearance.

" Just a cleaner, huh?" Deb suddenly asked with a cheeky grin as she smiled at me while clasping her husbands arm. he too was grinning.

" Nah. Mum's one of the head Disability Service Providers in  the country for the central and southern regions. She has several offices around a few of the states. But she still does some cleaning through our home office. But she has a lot of employees hired to do that as well." Jasper grinned as he informed everyone about what I do.

I just smiled indulgently at my boy who is always proud of him Mumma.

" I'm still waiting to find out why you only wanted us for a couple of months?" Bryce suddenly said in what has to be the coldest voice I have ever heard him use.

I wouldn't mind knowing now either.

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