Let The Fun Begin Part 21

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30th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I can now see between the two ahead a few faces as we got closer. One of which was familiar before getting closer and seeing another one or two that were also familiar. But it was the face of one particular older gentleman who caught my attention. 

I was not too sure as I frowned. But when I get closer, I might know who it was.

" Here you all are. It certainly has been a bit of a success tonight, hasn't it?" Deb called out as we all approached.

I smiled, not my nice smile either, when the two ahead separated and I could see some of the other faces in front of us. That included the face of my sons father who had suddenly paled. He looked down at the woman standing beside him a bit nervously who was dressed very elegantly. Politically correct one would think.

She was a few years younger than me I noticed. Not that it had anything to do with anything. But I smiled at Doug a little feral just then which shocked him. He should have remembered all those years ago what happens when you piss me off. I come out swinging wild. Then I turned to look at his mother who was looking confused somewhat.

" Hello Mrs Warrendine. It's been years since we last spoke. How are you and your husband?" I asked her with the same kind of look I just gave her son.

" I'm sorry, have we met before?" Mr Warrendine asked as he stepped forward a little as if asserting himself. Maybe to protect the unknown threat that was circulating in the room just then. I ignored him and turned to the man who was my immediate target.

" Hello Doug. Fancy seeing you here." I said to him with a smile as I stood there right beside his cousin looking at him.

" Excuse me. Who are you?" His wife looked at me with a frown while I was still smiling. Then I looked at her seeing something familiar about her but was not too sure.

I didn't have to say anything else just then when I felt the movement at my back. I watched as the faces in front of me started to look really shocked. It was not to be denied. It was easy to see who was now in the room.

" Who...? What...? Where...?" I heard mumbled from a few of the other guests who saw my boys now standing beside me and Ollie.

" What are you doing here, Doreene?" Doug suddenly got a spine and stepped forward, shaking off his wife who had hold of him to growl at me with an angry look on his face.

" Why wouldn't I be here? You did say you wanted our boys to come along for a visit with you. Well, here we are." I smiled at him with one of my cold as ice smiles I reserved for some unruly clients. or governmental workers who try to tell me how to do my job.

That also pissed me off somewhat.

" What? What boys? Oh my god." I heard his little wife say before she covered her mouth with her hands when she looked from the twins to her husband. Tears were now beginning to fill the eyes she had focused now on her husband. The twins though, were glaring at their father.

" Oh.. What the? Nancy, what is she talking about? How is it that those boys look just like my son does?" Mr Warrendine asked when he looked at us before looking at his son and wife with confusion. I chuckled a little as I watched the 'show' happening. Then he looked at me. But before he could say anything else, it was that older man who spoke first. The one who looked familiar to me for some reason.

" Doreene? Is that you?" He asked which silenced everyone just then who now looked between me and the older man who was frowning at me, Doug and the others standing near Doug.

Then he looked at the boys and frowned when he looked at my brother.

" You are Fred Norton's son, Xavier. Aren't you?" He asked as he looked between me and my brother.

" Yes, Sir. I am." My brother admitted with a frown of his own. 

" He is a good man." The man had to mutter in some kind of sincere voice which Xavier did not appreciate by the look of it.

" I don't  really know about that. He married your first wife, didn't he?" I could have shouted for joy when Xavier said that back at the older man who looked somewhat shocked.

Xavier was still feeling right ticked off where his parents were concerned and I don't lame him either. Then the man looked back at me.

While he had been looking at my brother, I had been looking at him. He is much older now from the last time I saw him this close up. I had followed along keeping up with what he gets up to. But it was not a priority to me.

" Hello Daddy. Fancy meeting you again. It's been years." I smiled once more which had his wife now frowning as she looked at both me and my father. I didn't call him that in a nice way either. As I am sure he is very aware of by now.

The father who abandoned me just like mother did. Just like Doug did.

" Daddy?" I heard my sons step mother, Doug's wife say which had me looking at her again as she looked in shock between both me and her father who I realized it was. Then I started to laugh. I couldn't help it. Doug married my younger sister. Probably the one born after my patents divorced.

" Damn, Dougy, you like to keep it in the family don't you?" I asked him with a huge grin. He looked shocked as he looked around at us all.

" What? What is she talking about Nyall?" His, my father's wife was now asking. 

Considering what this benefit was for. I was thinking that there were some bloody hypocrites here adding to the ranks of funding.

" Yes, Nyall. I think that she would already know considering that you cheated on your wife for years with your secretary. That was you, wasn't it?" I asked my fathers wife who now looked shocked a little more.

" Must have been a wonderful job with a description with benefits when you worked there. Then of course, Daddy, you dumped my mother which sent her bat crazy after you knocked up your secretary and decided to marry her. But not until after your whore had her kid though. That was not very honorable of you, was it? The timing would not have been great, would it?  That would make for a few complications later in life, I am sure since she was born well before getting that divorce from mother." I said to them with a smile.

It didn't escape my notice that Debs face was switching back and forth every few seconds as she looked at everyone who was surrounding us with both an amazed look along with a shocked look on her face. Cort was just grinning as he enjoyed the show. I guess they were getting more than they bargained for when inviting me to this event like she did. 

I can see a small crowd forming as well. Not that it bothered me. I had to be very aware of people around me at any given time in my line of work. But, I was really enjoying myself so far. Then my boys got in on the act.

" Is this our other grandfather, Mum. The one who dumped you and abandoned you like our Dad did to us?" Well, you could have heard a pin drop.

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