Coming home & 10 months later :)

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Jazzi's P.O.V

I'm going home today me and John-Luke got kicked off last night there's only 2 more episodes left. Luckily I faced time Jedidah and Josiah last night and they said they couldn't watch it. I told my mom I'm coming home but she said she'll be at work and to go to the duggars house first an surprise them!

So after I got off the plan I went home and unpacked and ate then I was on my way to the Duggar's. I knocked on the door and Jim bob answered he smiled and was fixing to say something but I put a finger in my lips mouthing shhh. He nodded and let me in then we walked into the living room I was hiding behind Jim Bob when I got In there no one could see me everyone was there except for Jeremiah.

"Honey who was at the door?" Michelle asked

"No one just an old family friend." Jim Bob said then I walked out from behind him.

All the people basically jumped on me after we talked Jedidiah pulled me aside.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"It's Jeremiah he's barely come out of his room since you left." He said

"Is he okay?" I asked

"I don't know the only time we see him is when he eats." He said

"He on,y eats?" I asked

"Well he showers to." He said then laughed

"Jed this is not a time to be funny he could be falling into depression." I said

"Just go talk to him." He said

I walked up the stairs to Jer's room I knocked he just told me to go away actually he thought I was Jinger because he said "Jinger go away" I guess jingers been trying to talk to him. I just walked in he looked at me then smiled. He came over and hugged me.

"I thought you wanted to be out of my life?" I asked

"I don't I missed you so much when you were gone." He said

"I missed you to!" I said

After we pulled away I was going to tell him.

"So are you just back for a visit or is it over?" He asked

"Actually I got kicked off." I said

"Well they're stupid." Jeremiah said

"Well actually there not I was bad on purpose I wanted to come home." I said

He smiled at me that smile made me go weak.

"Jer actually I need to tell you something. I like you as more than a friend to but I even think I love you!" I said "I mean I know we're only 15 well your fixing to turn sixteen next month but I love you!"

"So does that mean you'll start a courtship with me then?" He asked

"Yes!" I smiled "let's go tell your parents!"

We walked down stairs side by side we walked into the room

"Guys we have something to tell you!" I said

"We are officially courting." Me and Jer said at the same time

Everyone was clapping.

"Okay now me and mom want to talk to Jer and Jazzi alone so come on guys." Jim Bob said

We followed them into Jer's bedroom.

"Okay so how do you all want to do this?" Michelle asked

"Well me and jazz talked about it and we thought our first kiss on our wedding day, but we can side hug and hold hands now, then full hug and she can teach me how to dance when we're engaged. Is that okay?" Jer asked

"Yeah that sounds fine just no funny buisness." Jim bib and Michelle said

"Okay!" I said

"And you'll have to have a chaperone until when you go on dates and no being alone in a bedroom with the doors closed." Michelle said

"Okay that's good!" Jer said

Jer grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers and we left his room. We went downstairs and all the girls and boys were waiting on us.

"We can hold hands and side hug until we get engaged then we can full hug and our first kiss is going to be out wedding day." Jer said

"I'm happy for you guys!" Everyone said.


10 months later

Jeremiah's P.O.V

I walked into the kitchen to see mom and dad just the people I was looking for.

"Mom dad I have a question?" I asked

"What is it sweetie?" They asked

"How old would you let me be when I get engaged?" I asked

"Your not going to purpose with her only 15 are you?" Dad asked

"No but I was thinking about getting her a promise ring for her birthday since it's Friday." I said

"That would be nice what were you thinking?" Mom asked

"I don't know I need to go see." I replied

"Okay well let's go!" She said

This is going to be an awesome trip!


A/N hey guys it's Maddie this is the last chapter I'm doing Jazzi is taking it over now so bye until I get to update again bye!😘

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