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"Where were you last night, dude? We played underground 3x3 last night with your bestfriend," I creased my forehead as I try my best to stay awake.

Wait, did I heard it right?


"Yeah. Wayne, and his gang, you know," There was laughters inside the car but I just rolled my eyes at them and kicked the driver's seat because it was Seulgi who said that. It's 7 in the morning and we're on our way to our uni. Mondays really suck, dude. I must admit.

"I'm sure you were with Chaeyoung last night. I heard Wayne and his gang talking about how he broke up with her,"

My ears rang. Really, dude?

"You know them. They will eventually get back together this week," Momo butted in while fixing her bangs.
"I mean, I'm just saying the truth. Excuse you and your feelings for Chaeyoung, but I'm just saying the truth,"

I sighed.

"Yeah, probably, they will."

"Just be thankful that he transfered to other university this year and we don't have to play with that so-called King anymore," Jisoo said rigidly.

I just stayed silent in the whole ride. Aside from being sleepy as hell, I am already fed up with the whole Chaeyoung topic and I just want her to get out of mind even just for a second, even if it's just inside my sleep. I don't want to think about her.

But that's clearly impossible. My veins scream Park Chaeyoung, man. I breathe every breath with a hope that maybe Chaeyoung will see my worth and see me more than just a bestfriend. But that hope stays just a hope, a wish which I am not sure if will ever come true.

I'm not complaining. This is my choice. The moment that I chose to fall in love with her, knowing that she's straight as hell and onle sees me as a bestfriend, I knew that I am all fucked up. I had a lot of choices, I courted a lot of girls before, but all of it didn't turn out well. I had better choices but I chose to fall in love with someone I can't have.

"Baby, I missed you!" Momo, Jisoo and I looked at each other knowingly before shaking our heads. This Seulgi bitch is so damn whipped for Irene, and it's so cringy that it shows in her every action.

"We were together yesterday when we went to the church, Seul," Irene said and laughed.

"But I always want to be with you," Seulgi said and pouted. Right there and then, I wanted to slap her face thrice. But whatever, I get it, she's head-over-heels with her girlfriend. Tsk.

"Ugh. Cringe. I'm so done here," Jisoo complained before waving her hand, signalling us that she will go to her class. Momo and I looked at each other before sighing, we knew that we had to witness these two acting lovey-dovey to each other this early in the morning. We're taking the same class by the way.

Momo and I were talking about basketball since the winter competition is about to start 2 weeks from now. We were preparing since the last season, yet I know that what we are doing isn't enough. It'll be harder for us to defend the title because we lost 3 seniors last year, and we had to adjust our line-up.

"I heard Karlie Samuelson's team contacted you the last time,"

I knitted my nose. "Well, it was actually Karlie. It was a conversation that has nothing to do with basketball, really, she was just asking about random stuffs and asked if I'm interested in joining WNBL,"

"She was hitting with you?"

"Well, you can say that," I chuckled.

"She's a good catch, dude! Have you seen her in person? And it's a bonus that she plays great basketball!" Momo exclaimed with her hands clasped, like she's daydreaming about that Samuelson girl. I saw her in pictures, she was a Stanford player that now plays for Los Angeles Sparks. She got the background.. and obviously the body. Right, she's a good catch.

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