Ch.10 - New Discoveries

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"Well, how about for now, try not to use those Ridewatches around your friends, at least to take on their Quirks."

Ryou sighed. "That isn't how it works, but I get what you're saying.  I got it."

"You're pretty unique, though, Ryou.  The whole staff is talking about you.  A Vigilante from the streets being allowed into U.A. High, and recently, a new adversary appearing that is exactly like you!"

"Doctor Genus." Ryou clenched his fists. "I need to get stronger, and this is the only way of doing so.  By getting assembling the Ridewatches powers."

"I don't know what exactly is going on, Ryou, but here's a bit of advice.  I'd let it go with your grudge against this Villain for now.  Do your best in the sports festival, and then worry about him later.  This Sports Festival can really help you get into a Hero Agency, and further your career.  Work on building yourself for that."

Ryou smiled. "Thanks, Power Loader."

Mei shrieked with delight.

"What is it, Hastume?" Power Loader ran over to her.

"I did it!  I've changed these devices to start working immediately!  Look!"

Ryou looked and sure enough, he saw a completed Fourze Ridewatch, and another Ridewatch that looked like Fourze, but a different colour.

"What the...Fourze and Fourze Cosmic?!  That's incredible!" Ryou gasped, clutching his new Ridewatches.

"It wasn't a major fix." Mei smiled. "It was only tinkering a few things inside the Ridewatch.  I did the same with the other two.  Once in contact with whatever it is, it should develop instantly."

"Wow...thanks Mei.  I don't know what to say except...thank you!"

Mei grinned and merely cheered. "Another baby of mine completed!  I wonder what more I can do..."

Ryou sweated a little, and left the classroom after thanking Mei and Power Loader once more.

As he walked back to class, he took a look at his new Ridewatches.  Fourze and Fourze Cosmic.  This would definitely help him during the Sports Festival.

But the last two blank Ridewatches were ready to inherit a new Quirk.  Only he'd have to find someone else besides his classmates in Class 1-A.

That'd be a problem for another time.


Class had just ended, and Ryou walked past the huge group of students that were crowding the 1-A classroom.  He didn't have any beef with any of them, nor did he care to get involved with any of them.

The only thing he wanted to focus on right now was training on his own.  As the sports festival was only two weeks away, he needed to start training as much as he possibly could.

As he reached an intersection, something caught the corner of his eye.

He noticed in the distance, there was someone familiar walking into an alleyway. 

"Weird, have I seen him before?"

Ryou was about to walk when the light turned green, but he froze in place.

He did see him.

The Villain attack at U.A.

The Villain with a lot of hands.

He was with Doctor Genus and the League of Villains.

Ryou bolted in the opposite direction, taking out his Zi-O Ridewatch.  If a Villain was here, had they been spying on anyone at U.A.? 

All he knew was, he could at least check.

Ryou ran into the alleyway, and confirming his suspicions, someone was standing by himself, staring at fence at the end of the alleyway.

"Hey.  I got a couple questions for you." Ryou said, gripping his Zi-O Ridewatch tightly.

The figure turned around, and stepped closer to Ryou.

"'re the boy that doctor told me about." The man said.

"Yeah, and you're the filthy swine that busted into USJ.  What the hell are you doing here?"

The man simply shook his head, and threw something at Ryou.  Ryou caught it, and looked to see what it was.

"Huh?  This is-"

"I don't know what happened, but I attacked that doctor one day, because he wouldn't shut up...and he blocked one of my attacks with that device, and it turned into that."

"Why the heck are you giving this to me?"

The man laughed maniacaly, almost to the point of insanity. "I don't know!  Something just told me to come and find you, and give this to you...but, I'll let you in on a little secret, just because I hate that doctor a lot...because he wants to use the League for his own purposes and thinks he can boss me around."

Ryou glared, not letting his attention stray from the man.

"We recently kidnapped someone the doctor had interest in.  And he's locked them up in a lab, says he's doing experiments on him.  He said it was "Project Miraide"."

"Why the hell are you telling me all this?!  I don't understand?!"

The figure chuckled. "Because, Mr.Soutou.  The League is interested in seeing what will become of you.  We hope you'll come over to us someday.  Think of this as a...test."

"Don't screw with me." Ryou clicked his Zi-O Ridewatch. "Hen-"

Before he could do anything, Ryou felt himself being engulfed in some kind of smoke.  His vision started turning black.

"What the heck?!  I can't see!"

"Be patient, Mr.Soutou.  Soon it will all be over."

Ryou recognized that voice.  The purple entity from the USJ attack.  He was going to get kidnapped by them!

"No!  Hen-"

It was too late.  Ryou felt his vision fade, just like before, and felt his mind go completely fuzzy.

Then there was silence.

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