Chapter Forty Eight

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"Okay, good bye, Brianna! Take care and call me if anything goes bad," Grace said and I smiled in return. I was nervous. Malik texted me and said that Tristan was picking mom and Grace and that he would be around.

We bave decorated everything. There were candles everywhere leading to our room and then there was a nice decoration full of roses. We have searched up some cute ways to tell your husband you're pregnant, because mom used to classic way. We went shopping, more like they went shopping and bought few things. I had the pregnancy test hidden under the bellow and I have prepared the room.

Grace bought few books to help us and we put it on the desk in the living room. I put a sticky note and then wrote 'Nine months left' and a smile face. I made dinner and arranged the table putting an extra plate. We wanted to do more but there was no time. I just so happy because of their help. It meant the world to me. Their support was just saying cool and it gave me more confidence. We put a small kid sock in the fridge which would make him well make him confused.

Okay, so the plan was as following. I would take him to have dinner where I would put an extra plate. After that he would ask but probably would never guess and I wouldn't tell him. Then I would ask him to put something in the fridge where he would check my message, 'Nine months left' and he would notice the sock as well. After that, I will go to our room. I will put the books on the ground so when he wakes in, he will probably guess. We used some roses and then formed a heart and I would sit in the middle and show him the pregnancy test. Hopefully everything goes as planned. I didn't want to have a break up. I lit up all the candles there never missing one.

As I was waiting an idea popped in my mind. I grabbed the pregnancy test and put a bow around it. That would be awesome. I had a long talk with Grace and mom and they were more than certain that Malik loved me and that he would love the kid as well so that gave me confidence. He loved me I knew, but the kid, that was new. I sighed and then waited for him. I started playing on my phone and then I found a text from Malik that said open the door.

I went to the door and opened it and found him there with a box or chocolate and a ballon. I smiled thinking about how he surprised me. I hugged him tightly feeling the need to be in his arms and so did my baby. I felt it. I welcomed him in and then said, "Thank you, Malik!"

"It's nothing. Plus, I think you have a surprise in store for me as well," he said looking around at all the candles. I smiled and nodded.

'Little do you know,' I thought with a smirk. I sighed and then said, "Yes! And I made you dinner, you hungry?!"

Hé smiled and nodded. He walked to the kitchen and I sat him down. He smiled and I smiled back. I put three dishes as planned and then I put the food. I took a deep breath and then said, "Hope it tastes good!"

He smiled and tugged in. I made him his favourite food for that reason. He smiled at me and then said, "You are sure something!"

I smiled and looked at the dish and he seemed to notice and then said, "Why the extra dish?!"

I smiled and shrugged. We finished eating and all the time I was admiring him. I was trying to have enough of him. It has been a long three weeks and I wanted nothing more than to have his lips on mine and his hands around me.

He looked at me and then said, "Baby?! You look deep in thoughts."

I smiled, stood up and then said, "I missed you. It has been the worst three weeks of my life. I was alone. I didn't have you. I was scared and I am sorry. That day I wanted nothing more than to have you with me, but you had to go. I understand this but please just don't fight with me again. I hate this."

Tears left my eyes and honestly, mom said that my feelings were highten so it was normal. I smiled at that advice. Malik smiled and hugged me. He pulled me to his lap and said," I am sorry, baby girl. I know how much that night was important. I know that you wanted me next to you the other day but I couldn't. I was angry and stressed. Don't be sad and don't cry! I got you now."

I smiled and nodded and he smiled back. He looked at me and I looked at him. My eyes were dropping to his lips and so did his. He smirked and then said,""Okay!"

He pressed his lips on mine and kissed me hungrily. I kissed him back. I felt him ask for entrance and I allowed him. He pushed his tongue in and started dancing with mine. I was happy and I felt how sorry he was through the kiss. After few minutes, he pulled away as we both needed oxygen. I blushed and looked down realizing how much I missed this.

"You know, I have been kissing those lips for quite awhile and even the past few days I still kissed them, but this was the best so far. You are always able to force your own touch into everything," he said and I blushed.

"You kissed me?!" I asked blushing. He nodded shamelessly and then said, "Yeah, did you expect that I would last without that?! You were always so tired to wake up so yeah. I kissed you daily. That was how I managed to stay mad for twenty one days."

I smiled and then said, "Not fair!"

"Yes, it's fair," he said and then I said, "Just remember that I won this. You kissed me and I didn't kiss you. This makes me the winer. I managed to fight my cravings but you didn't."

"And I am proud of that," he said and I stood up, *Anyway, look baby, I will go change because I have been in those since morning and it's frustrating. Can you please put those for me in the fridge?!"

He nodded and I left. I watched him as he stood up and went to the fridge. He grabbed the sock and looked confused. He checked the fridge and took the stick note in his hand. Okay, it's perfect till now.

I ran to our room. It was only few seconds when I heard Malik yelling my name. I took off the dress that I was wearing as I had better clothes under and then smiled. I sat in my assigned place and then took a deep breath. I looked at the room and it was perfect. There were few sentences written.

'Can't wait to meet you, daddy!'

'Nine months left, daddy!'

'I love you, daddy!'

Everything was just so good. I smiled and I heard the door opening. I prayed silently and then opened my eyes.

"What is going on?!" Malik asked and I could tell that he had more to add but he didn't. He was checking the room out. I stood up and then went to him. I kissed his neck and his cheeks and then his lips and then said, "I love you, Malik!"

"Oh my god! Are you?!" he trailed off and I nodded and gave him the pregnancy test. He froze and looked at me eyes widened and I started feeling nervous. What ifs ran in my mind but it stopped soon enough as I gave myself a hope. Malik loved me.

"Oh my god!" he repeated and before I knew it. His lips were on mine as he was kissing me with everything he had. I smiled against his lips and kissed him back. I was pregnant.

He put his arms around me pulling me close and then he pulled away and said, "Oh my God, Brianna! This is the best surprise ever. You're pregnant?! This is unbelievable. I will be a father."

"Yes, Malik! You will be a father," I smiled and then he said, "I love you so much. I am sorry for making you angry and I am sorry for everything that I have done. I promise you that I will never anger you from now on. I will love you and the baby with everything I have. I will take care of both of you and I will love you unconditionally. You're my everything, Brianna. You are giving me a family and you give me love."

I kissed his lips as I didn't have any answer to share. He put his arms around me and I put mine on his chest as I felt home. I felt accepted and loved. Something I would never find unless near him.

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