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The warmth of the soft blanket surrounds me as I wipe my soaked eyes, The flames in front of me dance and the sound of the tv drowns our my subtle sniffles, Cole should be home soon and he can't know about any of this, he can't know about the death threats and the hate, he would get upset and I don't want him involved cause if he gets involved it will spread to him too, and I can't do that to him.

Rumour got around about Cole and I's split and although we are back together now, ever since then everyone has been making up reasons as to why we ended for the short period of time, the biggest being my unfaithfulness, and now I have people coming at me left and right, I'm beginning to believe some of my cast members are falling for the rumours,

I hear keys moving in the lock and quickly shut off my screen and wipe my eyes, Cole Can't Know, Finally the large oak door opens and the light switches on, "Hey Babe," Cole says with a smile, his gorgeous features slowly distracting me from my emotional pain, bags of groceries litter his arms as he walks straight into the kitchen, I hear the thud of them being placed on the island before his heavy footsteps as they come towards me,

"Do you feel better now?" He questions as he sits behind me pulling my back to his chest, "I missed you on set," I couldn't go in today due to the fear of people talking to Cole about it, if he believed I cheated on him, or was with someone else, he would break up with me on the spot, and I couldn't have that in front of everyone, so, I told him I was sick, he made me soup before rushing out the house to head to set, "Why are your cheeks wet? Have you been crying?" He asks after placing a kiss on my damp cheeks.

"I watched The Notebook again, you know how the ending always gets me," I lie, but I know I'm caught out, Cole knows me better than I know myself, he always points out the fact that I bite my nails when I'm anxious and how when I'm bored my feet twitch, it's weird but he just knows,

"You're lying to me," He says, almost in disbelief, never have we had to lie to one another, apart from the countless surprises, I feel his body go rigid as his arms retreat from around my waist, I fully turn my body to face him, my blotchy red eyes staring into his green orbs. I look down at the ground, guilt settling over me, I know I should've told him straight away instead of spinning a lie but I don't want him to feel like this too.

"Why are you lying to me?" He questions, eerily calm yet the anger and distress radiates from his body, I can't bear to look him in the eyes, I hate lying to him but I can't tell him, but at the same time, he always thinks the worst, his mind will instantly jump to something drastic.

"Cole, it's not what you're thinking," I attempt to reassure him but I can already tell it's getting no where, he stands abruptly, storming towards the kitchen leaving me in silence, but I'm quick to follow, "Look Cole, you always assume the worst, you need to trust me," I basically plead with him as I enter the kitchen.

"How can I trust you when you're fucking lying?" His voice raises considerably as his fists clench at his sides, you could practically see the smoke coming out his ears, Cole and I promised, No lies, No secrets, and I broke it. "If it is my what I think it is tell me," He grabs my hand softly as he looks down at me with pleading eyes, I can't tell him, I just can't.

I reluctantly drop my eyes to the floor, and seconds later the warmth of his hand leaves mine "If you can't tell me then, I can't trust you, and I can't be with someone I can't trust," he whispers painfully, a small gasps leaves my lips as I look up at him, he refuses to meet my eyes looking everywhere but me, "I'll be at K-,"

"No, I will go, It's your house," I whisper, knowing full well there is no one else to go to, everyone looks at me different, ever since the rumours started, i mean it's hard not to believe, I have to give them credit, they are great at photoshopping, I walk up the soft carpeted steps, quickly reaching our bedroom,

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