Chapter 1

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Location: A small town located in a middle of nowhere, possibly in Florida.
Date: April 23, 2035, 8 months since the outbreak.

A small town, barricaded slowly illuminates the surroundings. Here, people are doing their regularly lives. In the middle of the town, a red banner, symbolizes the symbol of the Red Order, a society dedicated to repopulate the planet and bring an end to the infection that has once plagued the Earth. The town is a small community outpost, one of a 1000 outposts in the world.

A Special Forces unit, Terry King, lives with his wife Lana. Terry was a part of the CDC Containment team as to contain any epidemic as part of the government. But since the outbreak of the "Infection," Terry and the others went into hiding and failed the containment. Now they're doing a suprise gift for their friend.

Until the phone rang. Terry went to answer it. "Hello, who's there?"

"This the Red Order Leader. What's your status, over?" The voice called.

"Fine, sir. What's the situation, our leadership?"

"We need you and your friends to come here at San Franscisco bridge. We have a situation here. Are you up to this?"

"Sure, I'll be there as soon as possible."

"Gud luck! This is something important and it might help us." The call ends. Terry was slightly disappointed but he had no choice.

"Hey babe, the Leader has asked me to go."

"You'll be fine, besides I can do the suprise gift to myself."

"Hehe, you sure, got my friend to help you out?"

"No thanks. Now go, they need you." Lana kisses him on the cheek. Terry left the room. He went to his friend's house and knocked. The door slightly opens and a dark figure comes out.

"Hey Harry! Great to see you!" Terry exclaimed.

Harry replied "What's up boy? Got a suprise for me?" Cause sure's a long time.

"We must talk inside your house, right now!"

"Sure come in!" Harry welcomed Terry in his house. He sat in the couch and notices a picture of him and his daughter. Harry grabs a pair of beer and sits beside him. Terry grabs a bottle and drank softly.

"So? what's the emergency all about?" Harry asked.

"The Red Order Leader called me."

Harry spats his drink as he heard it and said "The Leader, oh s**t! What did he say?"

"He told me to go to the San Francisco bridge with you and the others. He said he found something important. It could be related to the Infection."

"And you accepted it?

"Of course. We don't want to disappoint the leader, don't you?"

"Of course not, so shall we rally up the rest of the team?"

"Yeah, but first, what would be complete without drinking some beer for a while ehh?"

Harry laughs and they both drank their beverages. They both prepped their gear. And went out. Terry asked "do you have any idea where Jane and Wesker may have gone too?

"Hmm, they might have went to the abandoned train station just 400m east of here."

"And that's our first stop. And i'm sure there are loads of infected hoarding east I think. But like they say, you can't live without a little action."

Harry and Terry left the barricades open, closed it after and left the town.

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