The Lost Crush

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Author's pov

At the Maan Singh hall

The Rajvanshis were given a royal welcome by the Rathore Rajwada with Tayi maa sa in lead.
Vikram gave a friendly hug to Kartik and welcome all other guests with respect.

He made sure everyone is treated well and soon the to be bride and groom came upto the stage.

Smriti and Kartik were stealing glances of each other every now and then. Blushing like red apples.

Akira joined her parents and the kids.

It was time for the ring exchange.
Tayi maa sa asked Akira to give the rings to the couple. She tried to protest but one puppy look from Smriti and she melted.
She took both the rings in a silver plate decorated with rose petals and climbed upto the stage. For a moment everyone's attention turned towards this epitome of beauty. But Akira being her, quickly did her job and asked them to exchange the rings. Vikram was also called upon stage.
Both Vikram and Akira shared an awkward eye lock. But both shrugged...and soon Smriti and Kartik are engaged. Everyone applauded.
Akira hugged Smriti while Vikram warned Kartik to take care of her sister.

Soon, it was time for greeting the guests and photoshoot.

Omg! Akira, Is that you??? The famous miss "no nuisance"????
Akira felt a tap on her shoulder and heard a voice and she froze!

She turned around only to come face to face with her long lost school friend, Neha. They went school together, stayed in touch for more time but later she got married in Udaipur and they lost track of their friendship.

This is really me, Neha!!!! Replied a beaming Akira.

We have a lot to catch up. Do You even realise, how many times I tried to contact you. But I guessed you had moved out of town.
Anyways, how is life!! And how is that lover boy of yours, Han??? Neha teased.

And Akira's face paled. She told her bluntly- Neha we are not together anymore! Everything is destroyed.And I don't wanna talk about it, atleast not now.!

Neha gasped and felt sorry for her.

Hey!!! Neha, wow you really made it!!!! They turned around to see Smriti approaching them.

You know Smriti, Neha? Asked Akira.

Ofcourse we know each other. We are distant cousins! Replied Neha hugging Smriti.

Wow, this seems like a reunion!!! Clapped Neha.
I am glad I came, otherwise I would have never met Akira like this again.

By the way, where is Mr. Hottie? Asked Neha winking.

Mr. Hottie!!!!! Thought Akira.

I am here, Neha! Came a strong husky voice!
No prize for guessing, it was Vikram Rathore.
Neha gave him a friendly side hug and they chatted for a while.
You know Akira, it feels so bizarre....but you know what, Vikram here, had a crush on you!!!!!
Neha dropped the Bomb, winking at him.!

What????? They both startled together.
Oh! Now be shy Vikki!!! - teased Neha further.

Just shut up Neha!! Both said together again.

Akira was called by her son and she thanked her stars. She left the trio quickly, embarrassed.

Vikram gave a stern look to Neha. But she ignored.

What are you talking Neha? Bhai hardly knows her!! - Asked Smriti.

I am telling you the truth, ain't I Vikram???? Replied Neha.

Don't you remember her?? Asked  Neha to which Vikram just shook his head in negative.

You remember the masquerade party, we organised for our 10th farewell!
You had come to take me Home, but you bumped into a drunk girl and later danced with her, and were smitten by her Beauty. You wouldn't stop pestering me to tell you about that mystery girl. I couldn't tell you that time but I knew it was Akira !! Someone had spiked her drinks and she was tipsy.

They all gasped except for this chatter box, Neha!! God save us!!!!

Vikram looked at the retreating figure of Akira but quickly avert to avoid the embarrassment.

Both Smriti and Neha shared a naughty look. They were not going to leave Vikram any time soon.

So, what say Vikki! Said Neha wiggling her eyebrows.

What!!!! He barked.

Oh! Vikki, stop threatening know I know you better than that. - Said Neha

Oh! Just shut up Neha! Let's not spoil the day for these two lovebirds. And He left from there but something had hit him....and he was not aware.
His eyes moved on its own and were looking for his Mystery Girl, Akira.

On the other hand, Akira was now clam and busy feeding desserts to Kiyara and Vidit.
And Vikram saw the three of them, happily chatting and sharing their ice cream. He was mesmerised at the sight. His eyes not leaving the sight of Akira's beautiful face and her infectious laugh.

He found himself lost in her, something that never happened after his heart break. And this very moment he was reminded of HER and he was now angry beyond limits, his eyes turned red.

But he composed himself.

He felt a tap on his back, it was Smriti.

Don't they look good together Bhai! They look a complete Family. Asked she.
He turned around and shouted jerking her hand- Just shut up Smriti!!!!! Stop your non sense.!!!

Everyone looked at them.

Smriti was scared now looking at his brother, she knew she should not have said it!
She started shaking.

Kartik came running to her and took her in his arms and asked- What's wrong???

Vikram just let out a deep breath. He said- Kartik just take care of Smriti for me, will you? I have something urgent, I have to leave know.

He nodded.
Akira brought juice for her. And they sat together consoling her.

Vikram marched towards his car and hit the door with his strong arms. He knew,
He need to clam down.

You know, hitting this poor thing will not solve anything. He heard a voice from his back.

It was Neha.

Not now Neha!!! He retorted.

Come on, Bhai!!! It's not your fault that you got heart broken. You don't have to fight with your inner self, whatever it is. Let the past be bygones.
And about Akira, I was just teasing, I swear! Even she doesn't remember anything about that incident.
Smriti has no fault in it. Come on! Don't spoil her day, your princess is crying.
He let out a sigh.

Why his life had to be this complex. He thought.

He shrugged and left the palace. He had to get away! From this....from his feelings...from his past.

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