Meet the Writers: Ellen Kirkpatrick

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Elle has been sharing her words with Wattpadders since 2013

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Elle has been sharing her words with Wattpadders since 2013. Check out her stories @ellekirks

"I was studying Arts, majoring in Creative Writing, and I'd been putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) since a very early age. I remember using hole punches and ribbon to create my very own bound books as a child. In school, I would write short stories about my friends and give them as gifts. Sharing my words with the world has always been my dream. As soon as I started reading on Wattpad, I realized I wanted to put my own work on the site. An audience was already there, waiting for me. It has strengthened me as a writer, and influenced my work and my creative process.

Paid Stories has been a huge step in the start of my career of writing fiction professionally. Knowing that readers from around the world have paid their hard-earned cash to purchase my story is amazing, and humbling. It's so gratifying to know that my writing is worth something to someone, and that people want to hear the story I'm trying to tell.

I don't think I would have written nearly as much as I have now, without Wattpad. Having readers encouraging me as I go along has boosted my confidence and motivated me to write. The instant feedback I get from dedicated readers is so helpful in my development as a writer.

I love the idea that we as readers can support those writers in creating their art, and I am so thrilled that my own readers have been able to support me in my writing endeavors. I've achieved something amazing; something I would never have been able to do without Wattpad."

Support Elle and read her story, Brew Books 1, on Wattpad. You can find hers, and other Paid Stories in our Reading List.

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