Meet the Writers: Alejandro Murillo

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Ready for an adventure? Make sure to explore Alejandro's work @AlejandroMurillo42

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Ready for an adventure? Make sure to explore Alejandro's work @AlejandroMurillo42

"I realized that writing was more than a hobby after discovering that the audience cherished my characters' distinctive thoughts and personalities. Reaching that level of interest from readers has been one of my greatest achievements!

Yes, it's true that we write because we love it, but receiving the support of readers creates a positive energy that enhances creativity. Knowing that someone out there is always waiting for more is something that motivates me every day.

Wattpad Paid Stories has made a significant change in my life. The fact that people are willing to provide support in exchange for quality content, makes me very happy. Besides supporting me with the comments and votes, my readers are able to help me financially!

Publishing nowadays is not easy. It's a very competitive environment and we must fight hard to achieve our goal. The economic support is a way readers tell writers that they are there for us, that our work is worth their investment, and that they are willing to continue to enjoy it in exchange for a contribution."

Check out Alejandro's Paid Story, El Juego Macabro, to support his work. You can find his, and other Paid Stories in our Reading List.

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