Meet the writers: Crystal Scherer

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Crystal has been sharing her stories on Wattpad since 2016

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Crystal has been sharing her stories on Wattpad since 2016. Check out her Wattpad profile @CrystalScherer to read her stories

"My love of writing kind of snuck up and ambushed me. I'm still not too sure when the turning point occurred, but the thrill of finishing a story and the joy of interacting with the readers are the highlights of my writing. One of my bigger 'discovery' moments came when my first book hit a million reads on Wattpad. It felt like I had won a prize that I had never ever imagined getting when I had been writing that story. It's a liberating freedom to be able to write what I want. Wattpad is a fantastic place to begin your writing journey. There is room on it for everyone.

The Paid Stories program was a new world for me - my first step into getting paid for my work. It has opened up several doors for me and it has been an unforgettable opportunity.

The money from the Paid Stories program allows me to commission covers, purchase editing software, pursue other aspects of writing, and have more freedom in general.

Instead of just posting on Wattpad for fun, I now have a reason to post more free stories for my readers to enjoy while hoping that some readers may become interested in the one Paid Story. Another perk is being able to talk or joke around with other authors in the program. Our readers enable us - whether through reading, voting, commenting, or more substantial ways like spending coins, and it makes a difference. Our readers help us grow and expand with their support."

Support Crystal and read her Paid Story, A Different Virus, on Wattpad. You can find hers, and other Paid Stories in our Reading List.

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