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MONTHS HAD PASSED since Crystal decided to go on tour with Steve

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MONTHS HAD PASSED since Crystal decided to go on tour with Steve. It was now November, 1943 and Crystal and Steve were now in Italy. The two had traveled around the world because of Steve's job as an entertainer.

Crystal never got bored of it, she had travelled on many places when she thought she would never leave New York. She had admired it.

Steve was now doing his show as always and Crystal was in a tent and took out a paper and a pen. It was something she always had on her, she was wanted to write Bucky a letter and inform him of what's happening, though she wouldn't send them out.

She kept them for when one day he comes back, she wanted to show them personally to her.

Hello Bucky,

It's been now nine months since you left. I miss you a whole lot. I feel empty without you here. I need you.

Steve and I are now in Italy. It would've been nicer if there wasn't war.

I also haven't heard from Rose in awhile but I hope she is okay too. Bucky, why haven't you answered? What happened to you? Do you hate me? Is it something I've done? I need to know. One day we were fine and the next you stopped sending letters. I feel like it's my fault.

I will go now. I will write to you soon again.


Crystal sighed once she finished the letter, she ran her fingers through her hair now longer hair. She started fidgeting with her fingers while thinking what the hell was she even doing.

Crystal was sitting back in her chair sketching stuff in her notebook trying to kill time.

"Crystal! Come fast!" Steve came in the tent for a second and then went out. She dropped her notebook fast and went after her friend.

Next to him there was a woman, not much older than her, her lips were painted in red and her hair was black. Rain dropped on them making their clothes and hair wet.

"I'm Peggy." The woman introduced herself and the first thing she noticed was a thick British accent in her voice.

"I'm Crystal." She replied back sweetly and the two smiled at each other as they continued to walk into an unknown direction for Crystal.

The three entered a tent which the emerald green eyed girl recognized as Colonel Philips' one. "Colonel Philips." Steve greeted the man who was sitting on his chair.

"Well, if it isn't the Star Spangled Man with a plan. And what is your plan today?" Colonel Philips rudely said causing Crystal to glare at him.

"I need the casualty from Azzano." Steve said and Crystal furrowed her brows as why Steve would call her with him.

"You don't give me orders, son." Colonel Phillips said.

Steve sighed and looked at Crystal for a moment. "I just need one name. Sergeant James Barnes from the hundred and seventh." After heading his name shivers ran down Crystal's spine, her heartbeat started to raise and her hand to shake.

Philips pointed at Peggy with his pen. "You and I are gonna have a conversation later that you won't enjoy."

   Crystal finally spoke up. "Please just tell us that he's alive, it's B-A-R..."

  "I can spell." Colonel Philips said. "I have signed more of these condolence letters today than I would care to count. But the name does sound familiar. I'm sorry."

   With that Crystal's hand started to shake a lot, her green eyes were filled with tears threatening to spill, she felt as if her heart went down into her stomach and was then ripped out. She felt empty and numb.

   Steve grabbed Crystal's hand trying to calm her down seeing as she was about to fall apart any moment.

  "What about the others? Are you planing a rescue mission?" Steve questioned.

"Yeah! It's called winning war." Phillips said and Crystal clenched her jaw trying her best not to punch him in the face.

"But if you know where they are why not at least—" Steve started but Colonel Philips quickly cut him off showing him something on the map in front of them.

"They're thirty miles behind the lines. Through the most heavily fortified territory in Europe. We'd loose more man than we'd save. But I don't expect you to understand that, because you're a chorus girl."

With that Crystal put her fist in the air preparing to punch him but both Steve and Peggy stopped her before she did so.

"I think I understand just fine." Steve fired back at the man.

"Well then understand it somewhere else. If I read the posters correctly, you got some place to be in thirty minutes." Colonel Philips walked somewhere behind the three and Steve started to examine the map.

"Yes, sir. I do." Steve replied back and he went out from the tent, leaving Crystal and Peggy behind.

"If you two have something to say, right now it's the perfect time to keep it to yourself." Philips said to the girls. They made their way towards Steve's tent and Crystal didn't miss the chance to complain to Peggy about how she didn't let punch that 'dick' in the face.

Steve was in his tent packing stuff up. "What are you planing to do? Walk to Austria?"

"If that's what it takes." Steve replied and Crystal nodded.

"And I will follow you." Crystal said and she put her hand up to stop them before either can say anything about it.

"You heard the Colonel, your friend is most likely dead." Peggy said and Crystal closed her eyes trying her best not to start crying any second.

"You don't know that." Steve said, still packing his stuff up.

"He can't be dead." Crystal also said and Steve nodded his head along.

"Even so, he's devising a strategy. If he detects—" Peggy said but Steve cut her off.

"By the time he's done that, it could be too late!" Steve snapped and then walked out and the two girls followed him to a Jeep where he put his stuff.

"You told me you thought I was meant for more than this. Did you mean it?" Steve asked and Peggy nodded.

"Every word." She replied. Crystal could see the heart eyes they both had for each other, and if it were any other situation she would tease him about it.

"Then you gotta let me go." Steve got in the Jeep and Crystal followed him into the passenger seat.

"I can do more than that." Peggy said and Crystal furrowed her brows. What did Peggy have in mind?


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