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Olivia's point of view

"Mom?" I ask and walk slowly into the kitchen.

"Yes baby?"The brown haired woman asks and looks up from her drink.

"Are you Okay?"I ask and walk closer.

"I don't know"she shrug and takes another sip of her drink.

"Are you going to divorce?"I ask softly.

Mom nods. "I think we all knew this was going to happen some day. We just grew apart".

I nod, my eyes becoming watery.

"Oh baby, come here" mom says as she sees that I'm about to cry. I walk over to her. She hugs me. "Everything is going to be alright".

"Where is ma now?"I sniff and look around. I haven't seen her since I left here.

"She went to a friend. She's going to sleep over there"mom answers.

I nod. "I'm going to get my backpack"I mumble and walk out of the kitchen.

I got an hour ago back from Jordan. Since it's school today, I left earlier from her house. I came here to get ready and now I'm ready to go to school.

I sigh. I really don't wanna go to school. It's not even fun, learning all day. Like math, when I'm I ever going to use math again.

The only good part is that I'm going to see my friends again. I mean I saw Alisa, Emily and Jordan yesterday. But my other friends. I know them because they're all in my class. Which is fun because then I'm actually befriend with someone in my class and I'm not alone then.

I heard Alisa talking about how she wants a class with me or Emily because she doesn't know anyone in her class and feels alone.

I mean I kinda miss them. Especially Jordan, but I'm kinda relieved I don't have to do everything with them. Alisa and Emily can be a lot sometimes. They're just hyperactive and loud all the time. Also they're always flirting with each other which makes me feel left out.


I sigh as I make my way into the gymnasium with Eleanor. I really don't wanna run or something today. I'm too lazy.

Eleanor is one of my friends from my class. At first we just talked because of the history project we had together. But later I found out she's the daughter of jerrie. Better know as Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall from little mix. We started talking about our famous parents and we got befriend like that.

"Okay class. Today we're going to play soccer"the teacher says. "We're going to play boys against boys and girls against girls. So make groups".

I walk with Eleanor to a group of girls. "Can we join you guys?"I ask and smile politely.

"Of course come on"a brown haired girl says. "I don't wanna sit with those bitches who are gonna cry because their nails broke".

I giggle a little bit when I see who she's talking about. A group of popular girls in our class who are just dumb and a total bitch to everyone.

"I'm Olivia and this is Eleanor"I introduce us to the girls.

"I'm Valerie and this are Jessica, Ashley and Clarke" the brown haired girl introduce their selfs.

"Okay let's start!"the teacher yells and blows on his flute.

We start playing.


After gym I figured out that Ashley and Valerie both in the music club are. Which means they're in a club with Jordan. I asked about her. They said she has a beautiful voice and that they're happy she joined the club because now they can win a competition.

They also asked if she's single because she's so hot or something like that. I kinda got jealous then and snapped at them.

"Hey"I hear from behind me. I turn around and see Jordan standing there with a cheeky grin.

"Hello"I mumble and turn back around. I take the last books I need to learn for my test for these week.

"How are you?"she asks and rocks on her heels.

I shrug. "Fine"I mumble

I close my locker and look back at Jordan. "Do you need anything else?".

She looks shocked. I mean I kinda understand it. I'm being a bitch to her without a reason. I'm just pissed off. I once again failed a math test. And just all those bitches here in school are irritating me right now.

"N-no sorry"she stutters and frowns.

"No I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so rude. I'm sorry"I apologize and sigh. "So what did you wanna ask?".

"It's just... I wanted to ask if you wanna hang out. I mean there is this new ice cream shop by the park"she mumbled and rubs the back of her neck shyly.

"Okay. Let's go"I say cheerly.

She nods happily and we start walking.


We're sitting on a bench. I'm still eating ice cream, Jordan is already done. She bites on her ice cream.

I take one last lick before throwing the stick away. I turn back to look at Jordan and smile at her.

She smiles back.

"I met someone from the-"

I was cut off by her pressing her lips against mine.

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