Chapter Thirty-five

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Kita and Apocalypse cuddled on the giant beanbag chair in Kita and Arcee's apartment. They had spent the night binge watching Black Pentagram pausing to add their own additions to the sex scenes.

A knock at the door caused Apocalypse to break her kiss with Kita. "Who could that be? It's not time for work, is it?"

"It's five forty-five. Maybe Paulson has my material."

"Are you ready?"

"I've been ready for two hours," said Kita.

Apocalypse rolled off Kita. They fixed their shorts and camisoles and fashioned them into Imperial hoodies. Kita glided to the door. "Yes?" she said as she opened it.

"Hey, Kita," said Sapper with a bright smile. "We thought we'd come over and hang out."

Kita looked around Sapper and saw Nemesis with Aspen.

"Ah, sure, come in."

"Not interrupting anything, are we?" said Nemesis with a wink.

"It's almost six, so nothing the Empire would be interrupting in fifteen minutes."

"Oh, good. I'd hate to ruin something for you."

Kita wrinkled her nose. Lizzy is in a good mood, and Nicole is being snarky. What did they get up to? I can be snarky, too. "You're too late to catch me with my legs too numb to walk. But, we're going to need a patch for the beanbag chair. Kimmy took a bite out of it."

Nemesis bit her lip.

Kita gave Nemesis a mischievous look. "Did I fail to mention my previous partner, Jane, was an escort and had a voracious sexual appetite until she met me? I helped focus her energy into becoming a sex therapist. When it comes to sex, I don't think there's anything she didn't know, and she liked to teach." Kita glowered at Aspen.

"Forgiven, but not forgotten?" said Aspen sheepishly.

Kita nodded.

"Is that where you got the name Jane?" said Apocalypse.

"She left an impression on me that not even remaking the universe could remove."

"Such a romantic," said Aspen with a twinkle in her eye.

"I like being in love," said Kita.

"You like being adored. Which is a nice way of saying you have to be the center of attention."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing. As long as Kimmy knows."

"Oh, I know," said Apocalypse. "I'm surprised how gracefully she's shared the spotlight with me."

"I'm not trying to take your place," said Kita.

"I know and appreciate your wisdom and experience."

"Just don't ask me to craft legislation. I ruled by sheer will."

Apocalypse laughed. "I think you're better suited for PR and the military."

"I'm doing more as a princess than I ever did as Vicereine," Kita said with a playful sigh.

"Poor you, having to work," said Nemesis.

"I've been working all night."

"I believe exhibit one is the beanbag chair to that lie."

"My computer's been working all night crunching DNA, creating nanites, rewriting software, and doing analysis on the data we recovered from the Illuminati. I do have to tell the computer what to do."

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