Meet the Writers: Elford Alley

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Elford Alley has been sharing his stories on Wattpad since 2016

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Elford Alley has been sharing his stories on Wattpad since 2016. Check out his Wattpad profile @elfordalley

"As soon as I could physically write, I was creating stories. First on pencil and paper, then an old typewriter, so on and so on. No matter how my interests shifted or how I changed as a person, I still wrote. I'll be doing this on my deathbed. Wattpad means a chance to have my work read and enjoyed, a chance to test out new stories and make changes to improve them. No one's Wattpad story remains the same from the 1st read to the 1000th. What a unique opportunity to hone your craft.

Paid Stories has impacted my writing in a major way: offering assurance. When you write, you work alone on a project, for weeks, months, or even years. You complete your story alone, and after a while, your zeal gives way to your brain's nagging insistence that you're actually pretty terrible and no one will ever want to read this. But for now, this program means gaining a new confidence in my work. These stories take hours to complete, hours in between jobs and family, any spare moment. Dedicating so much of your life to create stories people love, then seeing people discover and support your story is really just a wonderful experience."

Support Elford and read his story, Apartment 239, on Wattpad! You can find his, and other Paid Stories in our Reading List. 

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