(I Don't Know You) CH-4

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"You are in trouble Bhai.."

"I know." Vehaan says in guilt.

"Who's at the door Vehaan?"

"Di...I have to surprise her. Help me Bhai."

Vehaan nods.

"There's someone for you Neha.."

"For me..Who must it be?"
Neha comes out of the room saying..

"See yourself."
He simply says shrugging his shoulders. Neha looks wierdly towards him and then goes twards the door to open it. When she opens the door, Ragini was facing her back.

"Yes? Who are you?"

She turns immediately.

"I guess your little sister."

And Neha was beyond shocked. She was confused whether to be happy or to cry. She had an emmotional outburst. Her expressions were diffucult to read.


Ragini asked in concern but the next moment Neha jumped on her and hugged her tightly.

" Ragini you are back...finally my sister...my sister is here....I missed you so much Ragini. I needed you.."

Ragini was so surprised seeing her sister's condition. She thought that Neha has bursted out her emmotions..what about Vihaan who was taking them in and didnt give out a single of them. He must be dieing within. Thinking this her eyes teared. She wrapped her hands around her sister and said:-

"Now I am here na...Everything will be fine.."

Neha hold her much tighter.

"Now you wont go anywhere..You have to be with us...Enough of your training."

"Ok ok...I will not go anywhere."

Listening to her mom's voice Raavii
comes out. Till that time Neha and Ragini had broken their hug. Her eyes fell on Raavi and Ragini walked towards her....and said:-

"Hey girl......How are you?"

Raavi was first confused but seeing the bright faces of her mom and Mamu she knew that it could be only one person who can bring happiness in the worst condition of life and that is her Maasi..She called in a questioning manner:-


"Wow..how do you know me? You were barely 3 when I left? "

"They both have told me enough about you that I can even recognise you in Kumbh ka mela. "

"She has got a witty brain. Great...you inherited this from me only.."

Vihaan and Neha give her a look.

She says:-
"What? Am I saying something wrong?"

And all burst into laughter. Raavi hugs Ragini..

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