REQUEST : Ghiaccio : Bored (Male reader)

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Took a break from uni and wrote this, enjoy <3

I'm sorry if this isn't up to scratch, it's my first time writing two males D:

Ghiaccio walked into the living room, spotting your bored figure lounging on the sofa, resting on your elbow. Peering over at him leant in the doorway, you took in his blue curls and dark eyes behind the red specs.
"What're you up to?"
Crossing his arms and resting on the frame, he kicked it gently, awaiting your answer. You continued to watch mindless crap on the television, failing to meet his gaze as he stalled.
"Nothing. I'm bored."
"I'm bored too." Ghiaccio paced over to the settee, standing in the way of the screen. "'You gonna move or are you gonna hog the fucking couch all night?" Coyly glaring him, you huffed and swivelled your legs round to sit properly, offering him a seat. The man set himself down on his knees in front of you, much to your annoyance.
"You ask me to move off the sofa then sit in front of me?"
"Shut up. Are we gonna do this or what?"

You were genuinely confused. Before you could consider your options, the ice man made a beeline for your belt, fighting with you to unclasp it in a playful clinch.
"You could have just asked!" you yelled, shrugging him off and sliding the leather through the loops of your jeans. The belt dropped with a clang, revealing your boyish form beneath the hem of your pants. Slyly, your boyfriend eyed you up, licking the top of his bottom lip and spying your bulge. Stammering through a flush, Ghiaccio went back to yelling, anger getting the better of him.
"Why'd you stop?" he spat, balling his fists. You simpered, teasing him by staying put.
"It has to be fair, take something off."
"Hmph," he murmured, mumbling obscenities as his shirt found its way over his head. Flinging the garment to the floor, you found yourself backed up against the sofa, your ice man topping you already. Lips and teeth attacked your mouth and skin, hands fumbling all over the place until he eventually sunk down between your legs, excited for the delicious treat growing in your boxers. Kneeling, he nipped trails of bites and kisses along your jaw, falling to your collar bone and chest, never failing to pinch your nipples as he went. The kisses slowed the closer to his destination he got, your already erect member begging to be touched. Whimpers tumbled off your tongue, fingers beginning to intertwine in his luscious pastel locks. "God, I've been dying to suck your dick all day," he admitted, clearly not shameful as the delectable meat fell into his hand, palm pumping it from the base to the tip in between light squeezes to make you moan. Improper 'til the very end, he grinned up at you, eyes following the curve of your lips as he licked a long strand up your shaft. Taking in a big breath of air, he slowly dipped the throbbing head in his mouth, savouring the salty taste of precum before swooping it down his throat. Gargling, you watched as your length bobbed in and out of his mouth like an icepop, his reddened lips smacking against your flesh with every suck. Before long, your boyfriend raised his hands to curl round the base, winding the bottom so he could give 500% to the top and lavish your bell with affection. Sickly sweet lapping noises rung out into the flat, the Italian's glasses knocking off his nose every now and then as he blew you. Digging your nails into his scalp, Ghiaccio was starting to growl, his own length holding him prisoner. Retreating for a moment, he undid the button on his own pants, pushing them down just enough to let his dick spring free. He leant up, claiming your mouth for his own in a searing, hungry smooch.
"Turn over, Y/N. I wanna fuck your tight ass." Roughly slamming your front into the couch, his palm graced your ass with a slap, colouring it pink in the cool air. You waited, pressure rising in your gut as he scrambled for a pack of lube, conveniently in his back pocket ready for this mission. Sweaty fingers ripped it open, the clear gel pooling in his palm. Propping yourself up on your arms, your head was pressed into the cushion, your ass stuck right up, wiggling a little for him to slap again on the other side. The stinging sensation forced a hiss from you, making the other man groan, heavy, laboured breaths almost getting the better of him. Drawing a circle into your cheek, it slowly moved towards your hole, the tips of his fingers rotating round it as you puckered in anticipation. "Desperate already you little brat?" Groaning through a bitten lip as he slipped a lubed finger inside of you. Gently prising the hole with one finger, your pleasured moans were making him even harder, prompting him to fill you with another finger. Once the stinging had subsided, he whispered praise to you as you rocked on his hand. "God, you're so tight even round my fingers."
Withdrawing, he finally took his prick and entered your ass smoothly, squishing your cheek flesh between his fingers as he moaned. Crying his name, you buried your face into the slit between the cushions. Placing a palm on your hips, he was groping you so hard your skin was bruising already, trying to keep you into as close quarters as he could whilst banging your brains out against the settee. His head hit your sweet spot, making your mind swirl from the bursting pleasure you were feeling all over your body. Arching your back into his chest, he grunted as you stretched a hand behind you to grip his curls. He sunk his teeth into the crook of your neck, making you pant and whine, his name in a lustful stupor. You guided his hand onto your dick, begging him to touch you. Snickering, your boyfriend just wrapped his fingers round your cock, letting you rut into it as he smashed into your tingling hole. Grinding madly against each other, sweat glistened over your skin as you started to reach your peaks. His grip tightened, voice wavering as he pounded deeper into you before a high-pitched groan sent you into your own orgasm, his seed spilling into your spasming walls. Spurting strings of creamy cum all over the sofa, his hand continued to squeeze gently, milking every last drop of your spunk before pushing you down on the settee, collapsing beside you. Spent, the pair of you exchanged sloppy kisses until coming down from your high, waves of pleasure humming over you both. Snuggling into your man, he pressed slight pecks to your head, wrapping you up in the couch throw. Clasping his face in your hands, you shared a final kiss together before cuddling up and watching the remaining minutes of the program.

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