Chapter 5: A Walk

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Boruto POV

Sarada and I walked to the Konoha park.While we were walking to the park, I met Konohamaru-sensei with someone.....:

It was Aunt Hanabi

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It was Aunt Hanabi. It's about time he takes her on a date! I mean, Konohamaru sensei has been going on about her every time he wrote me a letter.

"Since when?" I asked Sarada, gesturing at the couple.

"I don't know. I few months ago, I guess. About time too, since Konohamaru-sensei is always going on and on about her." Sarada replied, sighing.

-a few minutes later-
Normal POV

Sarada looked onto the sunset. it was like a glowing stone. Bright, warm, dense... And without noticing, she fell asleep next to Boruto. 

Boruto turned to look at the girl on his side. 'As adorable as always.' He though to himself, letting a blush color his cheeks. Deciding not to wake her, he picked her up bridal style and walked towards the Uchiha Resident.

-At the Uchiha Resident-

Sakura Uchiha was impatiently waiting for her daughter to return home. She was surprised when her husband came home after 2 years and wanted to have a family gathering as soon as possible. 

She saw a figure walking down the road, holding someone else in his/her arms. 

"Aunt Sakura!" Boruto called, and walked closer to the house. 

"Is she okay?" Sakura asked anxiously. Please let her be alright. 

"Yeah, she just fell asleep." Boruto replied, looking down and the girl. 

"Why didn't you wake her up? Surely ,it will be easier for the both of you." Sakura asked, confused. The blonde looked everywhere but her and replied, stuttering. 

"I-I didn't want to wake her up." Sakura smiled at his answer. 

'The love is still there, even after 2 years. Good' Sakura thought gladly.

"Well then, please put her on the couch." Boruto nodded and stepped in, just in time to see Sasuke eating tomatoes. 

"Boruto? What happened to her?" Sasuke asked, ready to walk towards the pair.

"Nothing Master, she just fell asleep." Sasuke frowned at his answer, but said nothing. After a while, he spoke up. 

"I trust you, but keep a distance from her."

Boruto almost rolled his eyes, and nodded instead. "Of course Master. I'll go now." He waved goodbye at Sakura and left.

-To Be Continued-

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