Im home

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Incoming call...

"Hello?" I said with my scruffy voice from just waking up
"Wow you sound so sexy"
I smirked at the sound of her voice
"So do you" trying to flirt back

"Guess who's home?"
I bit my lip the way she was talking was so seductive
"Who?" I said while biting my lip
"Que I said guess" she totally ruined the moment

"Oh." I say clearing my throat
"Is it you mama" I say now worried she's gonna say no for some reason.
"Yes daddy"
I got so fucking happy
"Yeo lemme put some clothes on and imma get you" I said in a hurry

"Wait don't you wanna hang out with the squad today?" She laughs
"Um not really but if you want to I guess we could" I got disappointed because I wanted it to be just us
"Yeah I wanna see them but later tonight I want it just me and you"

See what I wanted just me and billie. But she missed everyone else so it makes sense I guess.


I'm in the car with prince and we we're heading to Billie's house to pick her up and go to the twins house.

"Yeo why didn't you and Billie spend today alone?"
"I asked myself the same question man" I said shaking my head
"But it's not just me she missed obviously" I laughed
"Yeah you right, you right." Prince says while looking at his phone

We pull up in front of Billie's and get out

Prince looks at me and i look at prince
I knock on the door and here pepper bark
The door opens and I see Billie. My face lights up as I give her the biggest hug.

I felt her hand touch my dick but I didn't say anything because of prince being there.

"What about me?" Prince whines
"Aww poor prince" Billie jokes
Whilst give prince a hug Billie looks me right in the eyes and bites her lips.

Now I have zero clue why she said she wanted to be with everyone else today cause she's acting really horny, and seductive but after not seeing each other for over a month you only got hands so I don't know but Billie was looking like a snack.

"Okay so we're going to the twins house" I said
"Wait what, why?" Billie asks in confusion
"Because Danielle is gonna be there"
"Oh okay, I just hate the fact that they are always wanted me on your Snapchat and Instagram stories."

I could tell Billie was upset and I don't blame her

"What about gawa and Nikita?" Billie asks
"There not in LA right now"
"Why can't we just drive around for a little and eat food you know?" Billie looks at me not wanting to go to the twins house
"I mean I'm down" prince says
"Right then, driving around it is"


"Hahahahahahaha" we all are just having a good time
"Yo Brandon can you drop me off at my crib I'm meeting up with you know..." he smirks
"Oh shit yeah dawg I gotchu" I don't know who he's talking about
"Who?" Billie asks
"Oh you'll know soon" prince smiles at Billie


Me and Billie ended up going back to her house and we talked to Finneas, Patrick and Maggie for awhile and then ended up going to her room to listen to music and just chill

Billie turned her lights off and turned her red lights on.
She looks at me with this smirk and then licks her lips and looks away.

She leaves the room and now I'm left by myself
I just sit there and waited till she came back.
She walks over to me and gets on top to whisper in my ear...

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