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A/N: it will all be set in David's pov unless I say otherwise


It's the first day of sophomore year in LA high and I've never been more nervous in my life. Like actually. I say bye to my parents and walk out my new home, I've been here for three months already but it feels like three seconds. Brushing past the bushes in the garden, I make my way to the bus stop where the bus should reach any moment.

Some new kids arrive, a little brown girl, a tall dude who looks European and one more guy who's probably high.
I gather up the confidence to go say hi to the tall kid who is lowkey intimidating.

"Hi, I'm David" I give him a little wave and a slight side smile to seem polite and kind. Don't need any enemies so soon into the school year.

He takes out his earphones and says hi back. "Hey, I'm Alex." Alex smiles back
"you new here?" He asks

"uh yeah. I moved from Chicago, Illinois and before that I lived in my home country Slovakia. I'm slovakian." I chuckle a bit at the end to try and make it not so awkward but uhh I'm pretty sure I made it worse.

"oh that's cool. I've never known anyone who was from outside the U.S. Besides Dom ofcourse, he's Lithuanian."

"who's Dom?"

"oh that guy over there, the one who looks high." Alex points over to Dom and shout his name. "YO DOM!" Dom looks up from his phone and smiles to Alex as he raises his hand.

A long screech goes off as the bus stops

"welp, looks like the bus is here." I say before getting on. Alex is behind me following him is Dom and then that other girl. I go ahead to the back and sit down on the second last seat.

"Do you mind?" Alex asks as he sits next to me

"I was actually hoping to get that girl to sit next to me." I say jokingly but Alex gets scared and gets back up

"oh I-I'll move-" I cut him off before he can go sit somewhere else "dude, it's fine. I was joking. you can sit. and besides, she's sitting in front of us." I pat the seat next to me. "you are one awkward human being." i tell him and he laughs "yeah, I know right?"


The bus ride wasn't too bad, the kids were really noisy but it was fun. Alex introduced me to Liza, the little brown girl, and she's honestly such a fun person and she's so funny once you get to know her. she loves dancing and her puns are to die for.

Liza is showing me around the school and getting me through registration, finding my locker and all that annoyance. high school amiright?
anyways, first lesson is English literature with Mister Micheal who is also a history teacher whom I'm guessing is going to be teaching me history. Liza is helping me find the classes and find my other ones, if it weren't for her, I'd be totally lost.

"here we are. room G34, Mister Michael's English class." she looks at me with a smile that's saying 'I gotta go but I ain't gonna be rude'

"thanks so much. I would be a lost fool if it weren't for you." I say as she hands me my schedule "anytime dude. I gotta go, I have chem. bye bye" she takes off as I enter my class.

the first thing I notice is Alex in the back with an empty seat beside him so I sit there.

"hey" I whisper to Alex giving him a sly smile.

"sup" he whispers back

the class continues as expected. Mister Micheal was teaching about the effect of Edgar Allen Poe today and I couldn't be more bored.


It's lunch time now, after three periods straight, I'm Starving. I quickly walk to the canteen and get some food, fortunately, it's not too bad. I see Liza in the distance and catch up with her.

"Hey, what's up?" I greet her

"not much. How was first period?"

"it was actually pretty great. wanna pull a prank on someone?" i ask her bluntly

"David...it's the first day of school." she smiles like crazy. Her eyes sparkle in the harsh sunlight.

"yeah you're right I guess. Look it's Alex, wanna go sit with them?" I point to the nearby table

"yeah sure."

we go sit down beside Alex and Dom who were apparently betting on who could balance the most cheezits on their forehead. Alex won so Dom gave him five dollars.

"maybe you lost cause you're high all the time and shaking- literally." I said as a joke but uhhh no one laughed.

"so um, how's everyone's first day at school?" Dom asks as he 'clears' his throat.

"mine was okay, I didn't expect much. same as last year." Liza says while chewing on her chicken nuggets

"I think I might actually like this school year..." Alex expresses his sentance with a burst of optimism

"good for you Alex." Liza tells him.

"is there anything fun to do around here? I feel like this is the lamest school EVER!" I exclaim

"it's usually pretty boring. Buuut the bell is about to ring so let's move on to our next classes. What classes you guys have next?" Alex inquires while looking at his schedule

"I have Physics with mister Peterson"
Liza adds on

"me too!" Dom says surprised

"me three lol. let's go to class I guess."


hhhh so that's that I guess ksksks sorry if you think it's boring, I'm trying I promise


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