Sparks fly, and I know that!

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The Sun is about to set creating the perfect colourful sky. It's about 6pm and guests have started to arrive at the majestic "Maan Singh" Hall.
This is where the couple is supposed to get engaged.

The hall was beautifully decorated and the surrounding trees are covered with beautiful twinkling lights.

Vidit and Kiyara were happily running and jumping around the Gazebo at the centre. Everyone was happy with their playfulness. In such a short time both of them had became the apple of eyes in the Rajwada.

Taayi maa sa was looking at them with an awe and she has a thought popping up in her. She looked distant as if foreseeing future.

Mr.& Mrs. Singh were also the witnesses of their growing attachment. Both the kids became inseparable in just these two days.

Meanwhile, Smriti was getting ready for the engagement with the help of her staffs. She was anxious.
There was a full army of helpers but still she didn't want to leave Akira's hand.

You know Smriti, no matter how you look, it won't change the fact that your guy, Kartik Rajvanshi is not going to stop loving you the way he does. I can tell just by looking at his eyes that He is head over heels in love with you. - said Akira.

I know Akira! I am aware of his love, it's just I want to look my best for's like I am living my dreams.
I know the luckiest to have him as my love. - said Smriti shyly.

You both are the luckiest sweet heart!
She blushed at my words.

I patted her cheeks and said- Now, if you excuse me, I have to go freshen up. Also I haven't seen the kids in a long time. I better get going.

Yeah, but be there on time. I want you to be with me when we exchange our rings.

I nodded and left to my suite.

Akira's pov

Gosh!!! I need a shower before anything. I reached quickly to our suite and went to take a warm shower.
After relaxing for 20 mins I took out a beige ombre Saari to wear. It's nothing extravagant but just with a light detailing of Gota-patti work with a ruffle sleeveless blouse.
I quickly draped it and wore an intricate gold and pearl earrings. I don't like to doll up much since after my shattering heart break. I left my hair open and applied Kohl and a light pink lip gloss and I am ready to go.

I called maa to ask where they were and quickly left for the engagement Hall. As she asked me to hurry up as the function is about to begin.

I was also getting Smriti's call from the other end so I hurried .

And I slipped, my bad!!!
But before I could meet the floor I was held by a strong hand I before I know I was bumped on a wall.!!!!

What!!!!!! Where did that come the middle of nowhere.!!!!

Vikram's pov

Today is my princess going to be engaged with her love, Kartik Rajvanshi.
Sometimes I feel, by her marriage, I am going to miss a part of my body but looking at their happy faces, I am assured that they both are made for each other.
Kartik, you better treat her a princess, the way I do. May be more than that.

I changed my clothes that Smriti had got made for me from her designer and I have to say i am impressed the way Ms. Singh managed to get everything just as perfect in such a short time.
So, She is really talented.....!!!! And not to forget ... beautiful too....Wait..!!! Where is that coming from.....since when I care!!!! I sighed and left to the "Maan Singh" hall.

I was on my way but I saw someone coming from the other side. And I saw the person about to fall....I don't know how, but next thing I registered was...I was holding the figure....and it was none other than Ms. Singh, clad in a subtle but beautiful Saari.

She was shocked, may be coz she didn't fall ....she was looking ethereal...with her kohl eyes widened.
I was lost in her beautiful brown eyes and her beautiful twinkling earrings....what was happening to me....I had never felt this way before. I just wanted to protect her in my arms, forever. She bit her lower lips....and my heart skipped a beat.!

Ummm....thankyou Mr. Rathore!?! Let me go, I am fine now!!! She said but seemed uncertain about her words.

Like I had come out of some spell....I cleared my throat and helped her get up. And she quickly stood a little far and I missed her warmth.

Be careful Ms. Singh! - I said looking at her.

There was silence but somehow it was comforting. I was stealing glances...but she did not look at me. And for some reasons, I felt irritated.

Are you Ok? - I asked.

Oh, Yes! Please don't bother.... Smriti must be waiting for you....please go ahead. - she said.

Are you not coming?? My word came out of my mouth.

I will be there...I just wanted to check on the kids .... haven't seen them in a while...I mean....Vidit.... haven't seen him.....she told.

With that I looked at her one last time and left for the Hall.

But I felt something mine is not with me....anymore....isn't it weired???
She is trouble!!!! I sighed.

Someone was watching all this from a distance and a smile was formed on the lips. It was Smriti who witnessed something sparkling between them. She looked at the picture she just clicked....and held it to her heart ....she sure knew.....Sparks fly between these two.

So guys, finally our "Vikira" came face to face in a drawing situation where a pull was felt. And Smriti saw the sparks.

I hope you all like it.
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