A Shaky Depart

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Kirby looked to see that Waddle Dee was standing near the cushion he was lying on.

"What's up?" Kirby asks. "What time is it?"

Waddle Dee looked over yonder.

"You were staring off into space for a second. And while you were, that... thing suddenly came here. And he's been standing there for hours, judging us."

He looked to see some sort of Brock dog standing there. Around it's 'neck' was a collar with the word 'Broggy' written on it.

The Brock dog suddenly turned around.

There was a small window (or maybe it was a communication screen) on his backside, showing that there was someone there. 

 It was a little man in a scientist's clothing. He had a curly mustache, puffy fur, a big nose, and his sleeves were too long.

There was another 5-minute silence.

And then...

"Who is that?" King Dedede finally asked.

As if an immediate response to his question, the little man responded to that.

"Mm-yes, Hello. Nice meeting all of you."

"But who are you?" Waddle Dee asked. "Dude, we just met."

"I am the proprietor of Pi'llo island! I am Dr. Snoozemore, anzzz...."

He had fallen asleep.

"Ummm.... hello?" Susie asks.

Dr. Snoozemore woke up immediatley.

"Oops. Please excuse me. Anyway... As you may have guessed, I am researching the science of sleep. Mm-yes. And on Pi'llo island..."

"Yes?" Asks Waddle Dee.

"There's a special power that makes you sleep soundzzz...."

He fell asleep again.

"A sleeping power? What?" Snapped Marx. "Can you wake up and run that by us one more time?"

Snoozemore woke up again almost immediatley.

"Sorry! This is no time for lecture. Now, I ask that you relax... Be at ease until you reach the island, and enjoy your trip. Relax... with the dog... and each other... And that other passenger... he is quite interesting... Mm-heh..."

Asleep again.

Everyone looked at him in confusion.

"OTHER passenger?" Adeleine asked. "What is he talking about? We're the only ones on board."

There was silence as the friends began to brainstorm what he meant. Until...

"Uh, guys? Don't look now, but... LOOK!" Said Susie, who was pointing at something.

Something was falling towards them.

It looked like... some sort of pillow with eyes.

It landed in the middle of the blimp with a thud.

Everyone's eyes widened.

"What's that?" Marx finally asked.

Susie looked at the strange pillow, fluffed it for a few seconds, then put it back down and backed away from it.

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