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Why aren't you here yet? It's time to set me free.

The Red Sun sets against the background of me.  

I crave to shine back, but my lackluster beats my ambition. 

So I wield my cute soprano with my clavier. My heart approves. 

My fingers waltz on the black and white, 

Soul thanking the One Above. And Cristofori.

Though I play a mellow tune, my insides are mincing. 

The love of my life is too far away. 

I turn to face the Red Sun, wanting it to kill me. 

I've suffered an entire lifetime.  I've not left years to count. 

I've no more time left to brood.  

Heartache and desperation fill me up like a chalice. 

Tears, like pearls, escape mine eyes, trickling into the desert dunes. 

Falling onto my knees, I am praying this would end. 

I can take it no more. How long will you take to find me, my love? 

I await with passion, with desire, with Hope. They say she is a demon. 

Even so, I'll let her control of me.

She holds my frame upright in my lover's absence. 

She gives me strength. She gives me bite. They say Love is a cheat. 

But my love is eternal. 

And whenever it is that you will find me, 

I will hold you without ado. I will give you Liberation 

As you give me my freedom 

From this parabola of turpitude. Send me 

A harbinger when it's time for my soul to run amok. 

Why aren't you here yet? It's time to set me free.

The End

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